Saturday, May 26, 2012

Winners of my Giveaway

Winners for my Giveaway......
Just giving you another sneak peek at the giveaways here. Don't forget I am adding a mixed media doll on canvas to each prize and will continue to finish the 2nd one which I hope to post as a face for tomorrow.

So here is the first winner chosen by 
Hmmm I can't seem to get the generator pic to show up so please take my word for it is is number 11 who is Wendy....from Art by Wendy....

And the 2nd winner of my giveaway is Number 12 Gail.

Congratulations ladies.
Wendy and Gail I believe I have your snail mail addy's if not I will email you shortly to get it.
Thank you everyone for your continuation of following me and to offer me support in my journey in art.


  1. woohooo congratulations Ladies, what a wonderful prize form the lovely les :)

  2. BIG congrats to Wendy and Gail... you lucky girls... and Les... I can never get the random number thingy to show up either... the last couple of times I took a photo of I know it can be done... I've seen it on blogs... just yet to find out how...

    Have a happy weekend...
    Jenny x

  3. Oh Les! How exciting this is!! Thank you soooo much. I love your work and just can't wait to see what treasures are in store! I've been keeping up with your drawings and just love them, so I'm really excited about the addition of one of them! Thanks again...I'll be watching my mailbox..... :D

  4. yay!!!!! I am sooo excited !!!Can't wait to see what you send :O) Thank you soooo much!!! to many exclamation points?? Oh well.... how else do I show you that I'm doing the happy dance? :O)


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