Thursday, September 27, 2012

Just a little note

I forgot I had a "no copy" code on my blog so if you were trying to copy the code for my giveaway you can now do so. Thank you for reminding me, you know who you are. Come sign up.....

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Little Weenie Giveaway

Hi friends
well I have been busy painting for my shows and now and again I get itchy fingers to do a mini mixed media. This latest one is done in the theme for Hallow e'en and I am going to give it away to one lucky winner.
This is a 5x7 canvas board and is an original OOAK piece by me. Who knows maybe one day I will be famous (NOT) and you will have one of my treasured originals.
All you have to do is post a comment. If you are already a  follower or  become one, let me know in your post and you will be eligible for a 2nd chance to win. And if you also post my little button on your blog and tell others about my draw you will get your name thrown in for a 3rd chance to win.
I generally do not do much in the way of  Hallow e'en. I live in the country and we get, if we are lucky, 3 kids. We don't have children or grandchildren so it is not something I decorate for. I do like costumes and fun things related to it but it is not one event I plan for.
I will include some things along with this canvas but perhaps not Hallow e'en related but items you can use in your art. If you have seen my giveaways before you will know I like to give.
So sign up and get a chance to win.
I must slip away to get a button made so hang in and look for it along my sidebar.
Name will be chose on October 4th. I will not be doing a giveaway til probably again in December because I am busy getting things done for my shows.
Thank you everyone who follows and leaves me lovely comments.
Take care and good luck.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I've been busy

Hello everyone, seems like ages since I posted.
As you all know I am getting ready for craft shows and so far I am in 2 but sometimes another one pops up, so, always good to have lots on hand. I have been working on canvases, ornaments and wall hangings. I will have some pics to follow here shortly.
Also I have been helping out once a week at the retirement home where my MIL lives and getting to know the folk over there, not to mention the hugs and kisses from the men. It is easy for them to remember one name and I am trying to remember over 20+. Each week there seems to be someone new but I am slowly getting to know them. There is always a good crowd that turn up.

I have also been doing more drawing and a few small mixed media canvases. These are for some very special peeps so won't mention who they are for so it is a surprise.

These new drawing are inspired by a blog I found called  PBS Art Studio.   I used Prisma colour pencil crayons to do my faces, watercolour for the hair, scrapbook paper for dresses and any other bits I find in my stashes. The thing about mixed media I love is just reach for something in your stash and see if it fits the feel of your project. 
This piece below is going to someone very special to me. I hope she likes it. These are mini canvas boards that can sit on a desk or bookshelf on a little easel. I love making stamps out of fun foam, dripping paint, using my texture paste and just having fun. Love her little crown and little friend that has come to visit. 

Cherish the moment.....
 this piece was totally inspired by the birdy paper in my stash and the colour blue. This little fairy has wings made of book page with inked edges and Glossy Accents then when that dried I added gold gel pen around the edges. Again texture paste, which I am still using from my original post I shared here.

There's always a song in the air, somewhere......
 This canvas was a totally blow myself away piece.....I was stunned at how it turned out. I found a blog and sorry I forgot at the moment where it is but it was from either the UK or Australia and the blogger showed how to make the flowers out of round circles cut from fun foam, paint on the circle then take a sylus or even  pen tip and draw  the swirls in the paint before stamping on your work, the area you drew in will not have any paint and makes a cute flower. I also made the leaves as well. I made an error using orange paint then when I was trying to rub it out I smeared it and liked it so I just added some more. Happy accidents I say happen for a reason sometimes. I still need some words on this, something about a garden or in deep thought. It will come to me....

 And this piece I just love and it is going to my cuz over in the UK. She is expecting her first child and I just wanted to do something fun. She is away in Venice right now with her man so I hope she doesn't come take a peek. I got a new paper pack and loved the tea stained papers in it so  I worked around them. I even stamped in white paint the 9 months starting at the top 9,8,7 and so on to the bottom but you can't see some of them because of paint or whatever is covering them up. It is very subtle. I will pop this in with a few little baby gifties and send off soon. I hope EJ likes it. Makes me smile and I have never been pregnant.

 And of course painting for shows continues.....these are dollar store frames I found. They had a burlap print on them but I tore them off, turned it over and the side I painted was nice and smooth. These are my favourite snowmen to paint, designs by Monika Brint.
 2 more with sandpaper star and corrugated paper heart attached
 And finally a John Sliney design I haven't painted in years. This is so quick and worked up nice on canvas. I used a different font for the Welcome and did some distressing to the letters.
 Today I did a canvas with a Monika Brint angel design that I started last year, well I base coated the background but never got beyond that, so ,I dug it out and completed it today so things are slowly accumulating but still a ways to go.
Thank you for stopping by and stay tuned to see my paint stick ornaments, they are so quick, easy and very economical do to. The best part for me was the paint sticks were FREE.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Good news again.....

Hi folks
quick post here. I am a bit tired tonight and not for lack of sleep. I got a call yesterday from the library and they sold one of my pieces. I was doing the happy dance, and.....they have asked for more items if I have any. Most of my things I already have in stock are small and Christmas things that didn't sell last year. So I did up a canvas yesterday

 and painted a cupboard door today
 that was in my stash in the basement. If these don't sell at the library I can always add them to my inventory for this fall. Being in a very large farming community I thought this might attract some attention. I had a bit of trouble with the nose, not sure why but I had to touch it up several times and I am still not happy with it but I think I was getting tired. I have painted this cow before but I am really liking this one. It sells very quickly so keeping my fingers crossed on it.

Well thanks for dropping by. I can't believe how quickly this week has flown.
I got 2 happy mails this week but I will post that another day.
Be back again soon.
Thanks for dropping by.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Fall is in the air.....

Hello blogger friends. 
Are you feeling the nip in the air in the evenings? We sure are. The days are getting shorter and the leaves are starting to change colour. 
I have just a few things to show you then off to settle in for the night.
I am doing a fall tag swap over at Tee's blog, The Altered Paper and I wanted to do something very different. If you follow me regularly you will know that I like to dabble in all kinds of mediums and for this tag I chose to do some air dry clay work on a tag that looks like a tight basket weave. Someone once sent me this piece I think it was sample wall paper or something but it fit the bill I was looking for. I wanted a natural theme for my fall tag so this is my base. I got a leaf from outside and traced cut around it on my rolled out air dry clay. I cut a hole in the center and after making a face from a mold I have I popped it in the hole and the clay has a sort of self healing property to it as it is very sticky at first. 
I let it completely dry then I gessoed over the clay, then I painted the leaf and face in fall colours. I stamped some leaf stamps and coloured them and popped them on the bottom corner. You can't see here but I had a bit of white ribbon with brown and orange dots on the bottom as well. This turned out great I hope my partner Ginger likes it.

 And as you  know I am busy getting ready for my fall craft shows and since I took this design to the library I thought I would do up another one. Birds are always popular in homes. I don't really make very many of the same design but this was so quick and easy to do. I like painting on canvas a lot. No buying and cutting wood, sanding and all that mess and prep work. Paint and go with canvas. This is a Terrye French design.
 And lastly while everyone around blog land is busy with Hallow e'en I am busy with ornaments for the show. I don't do shows before Hallowe'en and I am really not into it too much although I like looking at other people creations and it just not one of my favourite holidays. These ornaments are Cyndi Combs designs. She makes really cute and quick ornaments.
Well I am also trying to squeeze in a bit of time with mixed media canvases. I just had a brainfart about something to try with my whimsy girls and it looks like it will work. Stay tuned and if I get some time I will finish it up and post it later in the week.
Well off to bed soon.
Take care and stay creative.

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