Friday, October 26, 2012

craft class complete and....

Some more painting to show you and craft items.
First of all last night was my night to teach the stocking class at my local community library.  The library planned a 12 weeks of Christmas program and so far it has been a huge success. 
Last night I did my wood stocking with painting and scrap paper and a few little embellishments. I showed you the stocking a few posts ago and here I will share a couple photos I took last night....everyone really enjoyed themselves and the stockings turned out wonderful. Each one was a bit different and I really enjoyed the looks on the ladies faces after they completed them. 

Some of the girls taking a break, admiring and finishing up. A good time was had by all.
 Happy faces and a look of accomplishment. Art is fun.
 A close up shot of one of the girls. We struggled with the paper for the heel and the toe but we finally got it the way she wanted it to look. 
And lots of things finally piling up. I had this done before I had to go out west. This is a Terrye French design, the pattern was purchased on the Painting with Friends site. It was a lot of fun and I knew I had these in my stash for a reason. Only took me a few years but when I saw this pattern it fill the bill.

 And working on my gourds. This year my gourds are a little larger to work with. This little fella has cut out stars and a battery operated tea lite inside. You can barely see the light but it is better in the evening. I added a bit of snow on his nose but I think he needs some on his hat as well.
 And here is Miss Snow Flake....isn't she darling. I found some scrap polar fleece in my stash then went to work on the colour theme for this one. I just love how she turned out. If she doesn't sell I will be planting her somewhere in my house over the holidays. Chances are if the gourds did well as they did last year, she may not be around long. I am also working on cat gourds and Grinch gourds.....stay tuned for more of my Gourdy Folk. 
 And a few weeks ago I found some beautiful sparkly snowflakes and I had no idea what I was going to do with them but I grabbed a package because soon Christmas things will be flying off the shelf. I must go get some more as I really like how these turned out. They were a total freak ornament. I had made a rosette for something and it was too big so I placed it on the snowflake and said wow I like this. then I found some sticker snowflakes and placed that in the center then placed a rinchie on top. As you can see one of them has a tiny bow for a splash of colour. They were so quick and easy to do. I have some vintage Santa's I will be making later this week. My first show is next weekend so I am really starting to get revved up. 
Thank you for looking and also thank you for your condolences on my Father's passing. I cannot thank you all for your prayers and thoughts, it is really helping me through these rough days but I plug away and I have many memories to cherish of my dear Dad.
Til next time.....♥♥♥

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Been away

It is with a heavy heart that I write this, on October 13th my father passed away. I had to travel to Victoria BC to make arrangements for his cremation and " Celebration of Life" ceremony. My dad suffered from dementia but was well looked after by the wonderful staff at Glengarry Hospital. 
I will miss my dad dearly, I will remember many life lessons he taught me, many fond memories were made and remembered and I have no regrets. He was a beautiful, giving and loving man. A man that left an impression on you. I say that because he was my dad but I also heard it from many people who knew him.
I love you dad and you will be resting with mom now. 
As I grieve and pick up and move forward I will have him in my heart forever. 
Thank you all for your support on FB and privately, your words have really helped me through this difficult time.
Take care and if I disappear for a while you will understand where I will be.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Flying paint and lacking mojo.

Hello friends.
You probably thought I was lost in actually I am planted on my chair in the kitchen studio trying to get my mojo going but it is really lagging lately. 
Here are some things I have ready for my shows.
This is a wood salad bowl. painted by me of course, this is a Cyndi Combs design. A wonderful designer and painter and very easy and quick patterns to do which I like this time of year.

 This is for the Retirement home. I help my MIL and her friend serve lunch once a week and I asked them if they would like me to do a little prize thing after Thanksgiving. We didn't serve a meal this past week because here in Canada we celebrate it earlier in the US. Our Thanksgiving was earlier this year for some reason. So this will be draw a name kind of thing in the next few weeks as peeps will be starting to decorate for Christmas. this is a Monika Brint design which I added music paper wings just for something different.
I think I will add some Stickles to the Joy, it needs a bit of bling.

Here are some paint stick ornaments, you can find the tutorial here at Today's Fabulous Finds.
This idea I got from Pinterest but I did my faces a little different. Cover a styrofoam ball with air dry clay the marshmallow type, oh and I pushed a wire loop hanger through first then cover. Let dry. I then added white acrylic paint so I could paint the facial features on there. Added air dry clay noses and add ribbon to hang. These were so much fun, easy and the only hard part is waiting for the clay to dry. I hope I sell a few of these, if not, I will hang them on my tree.
And last but not least is the Tyendinaga Library 12 weeks of Christmas project I will be doing in a couple of weeks. This is a wood 1/4 inch plywood stocking cut out by me. Painted and distressed and added some scrappiness to it and I even rusted the jingle bells.
Well that is it. I had started this post earlier today but was cut short due to many phone calls and trying to find out more about my Dad's condition. 
Take care all and I will return in about a week.

Going to be away

Hello friends. 
Well it has been quite a time with illness and loved ones struggling with health.
I am going to be away next week for a few days visiting my father in British Columbia. He has been deteriorating and we had some alarming news earlier today but tonight the report is quite different. I will be going out to see for myself how he is doing, a much needed trip anyways since I have not been to see him in almost 2 years. 
Take care all, hug the ones you love, tell them you love them and make fond memories together.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

And drum roll please

Rosie in an action shot showing you the names in the bowl. Remember you had 3 chances to win and I did go and check blogs to see if my button was posted.....
 Here I am anxiously waiting to open to see who won........and the winner is....
Tee has been informed via email, CONGRATULATIONS.
I will be adding a little pile along with the Boo canvas for you to use in your art and crafting. 
Thank you all for entering. 
I have been keeping very busy, today I was out cutting wood stockings for my craft night at the library. I had to turn down a show today because I had already paid for one the same weekend. Too bad because it was one that was being held by the library, there was a cancellation and they called me. Oh well this happens now and again and so many shows this time of year. 
Take care all and I will give you a little update soon to show you what I have been working on.
TTFN ♥♥♥

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Weenie Giveaway Deadline is

fast approaching. Don't forget to leave me a comment, and post my button on your blog for an extra chance to win, if you are not already a follower then become one and you will get a third chance to win. 
Click here for details and the prize. I will be including much more than this canvas so what you see isn't necessarily what you will get. I will be packing up some goods for you to use in your art. 
Time is flying by and much more to paint. 
TTFN and I will be announcing the winner on Thurs. Oct.4th. 
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