Thursday, October 4, 2012

And drum roll please

Rosie in an action shot showing you the names in the bowl. Remember you had 3 chances to win and I did go and check blogs to see if my button was posted.....
 Here I am anxiously waiting to open to see who won........and the winner is....
Tee has been informed via email, CONGRATULATIONS.
I will be adding a little pile along with the Boo canvas for you to use in your art and crafting. 
Thank you all for entering. 
I have been keeping very busy, today I was out cutting wood stockings for my craft night at the library. I had to turn down a show today because I had already paid for one the same weekend. Too bad because it was one that was being held by the library, there was a cancellation and they called me. Oh well this happens now and again and so many shows this time of year. 
Take care all and I will give you a little update soon to show you what I have been working on.
TTFN ♥♥♥


  1. oh bummer but congratulations tee, , you lucky girl :)

  2. Hi Lesley, too bad I missed entering your draw - congratulations to the lucky winner Tee. Your Boo canvas is great! Your wood stockings sound interesting and it's great that you're so busy with the shows too. Take care xx

    ps, love the cat that appears on the cursor on your blog - sooo cute!!

  3. Congratulations to Tee!!! it is always fun to see who wins the give-aways :)


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