Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My blog candy winnings and show report

Hi everyone,
well I finally am going to post so get a drink or snack then sit and read about some blog candy I won and my last show report from the Church craft show on the weekend.

Firstly I want to share this blog candy I won over at my friend Cathy's blog. A couple of weeks ago Cathy posted a giveaway and I commented on her blog as I do often. She picked a random number and she picked mine. So.....I have always admired Cathy's painting and the way she handles those paint brushes and most crafts she touches are done with expertise and precision not to mention her speed. Cathy can spin circles around you, I know I have seen her in action. Look at what I received in the mail last week. I already have that snowman hanging in my bathroom, he looks so darn cute in there, and the ornaments she also stuffed inside. Can't wait to hang everything on our small trees this year. I met Cathy online in a paint group we formed on Yahoo and we have all met face to face and are planning to meet again this time in Maine this coming year. We always have loads of fun and we spend time painting as well.  Thanks so much Cathy, it came at a time while I was struggling with car problems and at a time shows were not going very well so it really boosted my spirits, a big cyber hug to you my friend.

Here is my table set up at the church. I think the tables were only 6 footers. I thought in my email it said 8 but it seemed rather smaller and I have it just loaded as you can see. I am glad I didn't bring my stand to hang things on, it would have been very crowded so I opted to hang items on my table cloth, which did bring a lot of attention. I also found out that this church was having it's very first craft show so that may be one reason there wasn't a lot of traffic, I did make some money and I always like to re coop the cost of my table which I did and then some. Unfortunately some vendors did not make anything over the course of the day. I was a bit upset seeing many people pack up starting at 2:15 and the show was til 3pm. Very poor etiquette in my view.
 Here is another angle of my table. We were really cramped together so trying to get either chairs or peeps out of the way was impossible but we had a good number of vendors and always good to get new contacts for the future.
 And here is my new friend I met at Sweet Sentiments craft sale my first show a few weeks back, this is Sara. Sara does some amazing things with paper. Her biggest sellers are these cute snowmen chocolate bar wraps,darn you can't see them in this pic, she makes mini albums, post it note holders, mini gift boxes and all kinds of cool items.
 And here are more gourdy folk. If you remember my last post they were on the table being painted or ready to be assembled. The forefront snoman wasn't on the table 5 minutes after we opened and he went to a new home. The snowmen sold the best but I did find homes for some of the penguins.
One young lady bought 2 penguins and after she bought them she asked if the gourds were going to rot over time. I had to laugh to myself, why would I paint gourds then sell them to rot. Anyways I explained that they had already dried out over the past year and that was not going to happen. She was happy and left.

 And one more little fella that really made me smile was this snowie. He was all bundled up and went to a good home. I will miss him, he just made me smile.
So now I am doing some orders I received during my show at the school. Finished up one order today, got some swaps ready to be mailed out. I sure hope my swap partners won't be upset with me being a little tardy. I was going to try to do one more show but opted not to.
I am done for the season. I was happy with what I did sell and it will be put to good use over the holidays.
Thanks for dropping by and I can't wait to show you a few items I have been working on.
If you ever visit Nancy Maxwell James  or Paper Whimsy, you will surely be inspired by her great work. She gives amazing tutorials and her work is stunning.
I struggle with shabby but she makes it look so easy.
Take care all and be creative, it's good for the soul.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Work in progress

Hi all. I generally don't like to show my work station (ahhhh my kitchen studio) but I have been encouraged by all of you so I guess I will share my gourdy mess today.
Yesterday I spent painting up penguin gourds, the hats and flippers and ties were made (with air dry clay) last night and they are all good to go for some paint today.  And I base coated all my snowies and they are getting faces, coats and little things done today.

I cannot believe today is Thursday, where has this week gone?
This will be my last show so then I have orders to complete (I also worked on one yesterday between paint coats drying) and I have the others to get done after the show, cards to make, gifts to buy and well you got it, busy busy busy, but that is how I like it.
We did get a tad of snow the other day and some of it is remaining on the ground but you can still see grass. Maybe that will bring the crowds out on Saturday for some great Christmas shoppers. As you know I love making gifts so when I get a handmade ornament or gift I really love it. I appreciate the time and effort one has taken into making it especially if someone knows what I like. I really take pride when a customer buys something I have made, I imagine it on a tree or shelf depending on what it is, and, it makes me smile.
 Anyways off to paint some more and get my soon expired library books back and get some new ones.

One more thing, Happy Thanksgiving to all my US friends. I hope you have a wonderful holiday and I know some of you will be getting lots of shopping done during your great Black Friday deals.
I guess my pics of my gourds in progress did not show up. I was so busy I didn't check my post. Anyways this has been edited to show the production line in progress.
More pics of the completed gourdy folk, show report etc to follow.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Good gourd, what is happening

I should have a pic of my kitchen table. I got a hold of Tammy the organizer of the show I am trying to get into . Just waiting to hear back from her and looks like I can squeak in to this weekend's craft show at the church. So....I was busy washing up some moldy gourds and looking in my bag of already gessoed gourds and ,well lets say, I have a gourdy mess on the table. Hee hee.
Thanks for all your encouraging words and well wishes, looks like it paid off and I will be busy for my next show on Saturday. Woot woot.
Rosie was helping to select the right gourds for me to paint either penguins or snowmen, she has quite a nose for that. Of course the whiskers had to be painted too, can't seem to get away from that when the brushes come out.
Well I will try to keep you posted up until Friday but if not, you know the paint will be flying.
I got my car back and the clock/radio are now no longer functioning as it was causing the drain on my battery as well. Oh well I can always look for a new radio after the New Year. Right now it is not a priority. I have heat in my car and it is running.  No charge too, gotta love your mechanic when he doesn't charge you for more time and effort.
Anyways take care all and so glad some of you liked the tissue tape. I applied it yesterday to my matchboxes and I have to say I impressed myself. You must try it and if you do I would love to see your versions.
Cheerio for now.

Monday, November 21, 2011

craft show pictures and DIY tissue tape?

Well after a few of you have asked to see pics and I was too tired to share last night here they are.
I had to do a bit of editing to take some things out I didn't want to show. I am no great photographer, probably never will be so here it is. It is hard to avoid heads in some of these as I was back to back with another lady behind me, beside me to the right and left. I would have loved a wall but you get what they give you. There was an organizing problem with hydro as well. On your application they ask if you want or need hydro and I always check yes because I like to put my ornaments on trees. Well I got there not hydro. I was soon taken care of, a bit later another vendor behind me to the left said he wanted hydro so could he plug into mine, I guess so but you better check. OK no problem. Then 2 tables down a girl wanted hydro to set up her laptop to demonstrate her vinyl words that go on walls. OK everyone is hooked up. Saturday afternoon I get this electric burning whiff, my nose immediately goes crazy like a sniffer dog. I am a very sensitive person with smells so I am smelling underneath the table and all around me. No strong smell. I can't see one of the  coordinators so someone finally flagged one down. All of a sudden we all had to unplug and turn out lights. Come to find out the kitchen had something going on and it was taken care of.
Lights went back on but I sure didn't like all these extension cords running under my table. You may see some in the pics but those aren't mine. I had mine well hidden but not everyone shares the same ideas now do they?

 And below I want to share something with you. Ever see that TH tissue tape but don't like the price? Well I figured out how to make some with supplies you probably already have on hand.
2 sided tape, whatever width you want to use, this is probably half inch, some black ink, does not have to be Stazon, another ink colour or two ,some regular tissue the kind you use for wrapping not the type you blow your nose with, scissors.
Make sure you have a nice piece of tissue to accommodate your tape lengths depending on projects and size.
I am making some matchboxes so I don't have to have a lot of length. I run the tape onto the tissue and press it firmly in place,then I take my scissors and just cut the excess tissue tape following the sides of the tape, remove excess tissue. Then I ink the background with a colour, here I used Cranberry and I also used a Studio G Christmas green colour. I hit it with the heat gun for just a few seconds. Then I take some stamps using black ink (Black Soot DI) used here. Randomly stamp images on the tape, making a collage. After you are done, hit with the heat gun again to be sure the ink is dry. I also ran my coloured inks along both sides of the tape to give it some colour. Once the ink is all dry with the heat gun you can add a bit more ink here and there like I did with the cranberry colour, you can see dark and light spots and some white contrast.
When I am ready I remove the shiny backing and place it on my project and I have just made custom tissue tape. You can use permanent ink markers to add elements like I did with the broken lines. So many possibilities here and a lot cheaper my friends.
Stay creative and thanks for dropping by.
Oh and I almost forgot.....I have a possibility of getting into another show this weekend.
Keep your fingers crossed. If I disappear for the rest of the week you know where I will be.
Car is ready tomorrow and no charge, Yippee skippee dance here. The week is turning out to be a good one, finally.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

November 2011 show report

The Christian High School was a good success. Huge well not huge but it was well worth it this year. I did very well Friday night and the gourds were literally flying off the table. Some peeps were debating with each other which one they wanted and don't take the one I want to buy. I am not sure how many I took with me, safe to say at least close to 20 and I should have taken more. I came home with one lowly snowman but I will give him a good home.
I really tried to be wallet friendly this year and opted to do more tree ornaments, goes to show you, you never know what peeps want to buy because I hardly sold any. My scrabble tile charms did very well, altered domino necklaces. I got a custom order to do a plate, another order for some key chains with a logo on it for a small business and a mouse pad that got chewed up by a critter to replace one I had made years ago. So I will be busy getting orders done but they won't take long.
I just got an email from a contact that there is a show next weekend and if there is room I just may try to get in. We can only hope.
Today I did NOTHING. I layed out on the couch, watched some boxing I have been waiting for, a couple movies then decided to get up and get a roast beast dinner going. Yum, what a great day. I didn't touch a craft, paint brush or piece of paper. Ahhh it is so nice to stop for a minute.
Take care and thank you all so much for your encouragement and well wishes.
I will post pics of my booth tomorrow when I feel more like it.
Off to bed soon for more rest and sleep.
Night night dear friends.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

A very busy day

Well we had our first snow of the season but it didn't last long. It came and it went. I didn't even take a picture because it barely covered anything. We are surely going to be getting a blast soon.

Today I was hoping just to get organized and just sit and relax....ha.....NOT.
I still had a few last minute items to finish up, hubs went to work for 2:30 and I was alone to do my whirl wind around the house and get what I thought would take an hour or so and rest before my show. NOT
I seemed to all of a sudden decide I needed to do some more scrabble tile charms and then I got into some other beading things which will be charms and so it is after 7pm and here I am. Still not completely done but for the most part I am pleased with my overall accomplishments.
I hope that this show will prove to be better than last year. I think it takes a while when you are new to a venue for peeps to get used to you and your products and style. I have often been told my items are different but I am not sure exactly how I am to take that. I take it as well you won't find this anywhere else, I hope.
So I am optimistic this will be a better year. I sure hope peeps are buying and that I can come away with some extra money for Christmas.
My car is still at the garage and I don't think it will be ready any time soon. I could have used a run into town before tomorrow but hey, it can wait, besides if I had gone to town I wouldn't have been able to get my load together for tomorrow. Tomorrow morning I will relax, take hubs to work then off to set up and wait for the crowds.
Thank you all for your encouraging words and support. Blog land has certainly been a very positive thing for me and I can't tell you how much you are all appreciated.
I will report back after the show. Take care and stay creative.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Gourdy Folk for my next show

Hi everyone, boy this week is surely flying by, tomorrow is Wed already, I start my show Friday evening and all day Saturday. Am I ready, don't ask. Will I be? don't ask. Is there ever enough stock, probably but you always need to do way more than necessary.

I want to show you the last items I have been working on for a while now. The gourds I grew in my garden last year and the drying process takes a while so this year I was happy to try painting them for the first time. I got a little addicted but had to stop because I need to finish a few things up before I start packing up on Thurs. I used Air dry clay for the noses on the snowmen, flippers on the pengy's and hats and bow ties. I love that air dry clay, it is so light, I use white so I can paint it and dry brush it any colour I want. I did just recently find black which I didn't know it came in black but I bought some to have on hand. I may be doing a few more of these before Christmas if these sell, but, who wouldn't want a painted gourd to smile at on your bookshelf, table or display over the holidays. I certainly would if I didn't paint. :)
I did all the painting free hand, no patterns, I even drew the faces on, for someone who is not a skilled drawer or sketcher I think I did pretty good. Although I did use Jamie Mills Price's patterns as models for the penguins but these were all done by me.
Hubs helped with some of the designs and suggestions and Rosie assisted with the painting. Of course whiskers had to be groomed during the whole process. Maybe that is why it took me forever to paint these.
Cats.....such demanding critters.
I will keep this short, sleep is calling my name. Tomorrow I will be finishing up some odds and sods and I have scrabble tile charms to do as well.
Til next time, I always enjoy your comments and I will be visiting more blogs once this show is over.
Stay crafty my dear friends.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Lest We Forget 11/11/2011

In Flanders Fields

by: John McCrae
In Flanders fields the poppies blow

Between the crosses, row on row,

That mark our place; and in the sky

The larks, still bravely singing, fly

Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago

We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,

Loved and were loved, and now we lie

In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:

To you from failing hands we throw

The torch; be yours to hold it high.

If ye break faith with us who die

We shall not sleep, though poppies grow

In Flanders fields.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

It never ends.....

I am usually a pretty calm and even tempered person but I have had it today. You remember me telling you about my car and the battery was being drained, they couldn't find the problem for the longest time and then they said after trying everything it was the automatic door locks that was causing the dead short so they disengaged them and now I don't have automatic locks. Well I ran back and forth all weekend long to my craft show and I was in town, On Tues I was doing some errands, I was getting tired and decided I wasn't going to do groceries(well I should have). Well today I went to do groceries and drop some items off to my MIL's for her craft show this weekend.....the battery.....was DEAD. After many dollars the last time I am livid. Hubby is on the afternoon shift so he needs his vehicle. I need to do groceries and many other things in the next week and NO VEHICLE. My bank account was drained from the last episode and I can only imagine this next time won't be anything great either. I feel like crawling in a hole and crying. Will this car episode ever end. I like my car I just wish whatever is going on would stop. I sure hope when I drop it off on the weekend it isn't weeks again, I have a big show next weekend and I might be missing out this weekend on some sales thanks to my MIL.

OK thanks for listening to me rant.....I just needed to vent.
Until next time....I promise I will be more positive.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

library pocket cards and a Christmas gift idea

Well today I sat down and did the time consuming job of pricing my ornaments. I have a whack of them but it needed to be done. I have a few wreaths to put together and some more gourds to paint for my next show and then I am done for the season.
For my scrapbook store sale I made some library pocket cards and thought I would share a couple with you for an idea. You can find the template over at Mirkwood. I made a tag to fit inside and embossed them on my Cuttlebug then I placed the image on top and added some bling or whatever I had in my stash to spruce them up. They look so darn cute and a change from the tradition greeting cards.

One library pocket card is for a challenge over at the Oh La La group on Bella to use the little girl image provided to us by Lee Anne Seed's shop Gecko Galz. Lee Anne is a sponsor and provides many images to Bella for all kinds of Challenges. Doesn't this cutie just make you smile???
 I rubbed some white shimmer chalk over the embossed snowflakes on the tag and it just shimmers and I got some snowflake stickers at one of the local dollar stores. Christmas is starting to take over. I love creating this time of year....
And my last thing I want to show you are my pins I am going to make for Christmas pressies.
I was getting a few supplies at one local craft shop and saw these cool kilt pins with these loops on it.
Well I picked up a few they were on the frugal side of my budget and I had loads of charms at home and I am going to make these for some gifts to send over to the UK for Christmas. I am going to make cute tags to put them on. I think they are so darn cute and the pins are really sturdy they are not cheaply made.
So for a few bucks I think they are darn cute.
I wish I had a bit more time to make some for next weekend but I have enough on my plate. Maybe next year as I think they would sell really well.
My dominoes surely shocked me and I am no jewellery maker by any means. I am all thumbs when it comes to beads and stuff and I certainly do not have any more room for more stuff.
Thanks for dropping by.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Don't forget the altered ornament swap

This is sure to be a fun swap for the holidays. If you want to make 2 ornaments that are paper based and then embellished and receive 2 in return then sign up here in the FlickR group to join. You have until November the 11th. You do not have to sign up to the matchbox swap group,  but, if you are already a FlickR member then you already know what to do. Come one and come all to the Ornament swap. Play with paper, paint, mixed media, etc. It will be a nice frugal trade and what better way to get a couple new ornies for your tree, handmade. 
Hope to see ya there.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

First show report

This weekend I experienced my first scrap and paper type of show and I am sad to say it was not very good. Unfortunately Sweet Sentiments was last listed on the list, it entered as a new participant and the old reliables on the tour list were of course on the front of the page and at the top. I think new vendors should be listed first and maybe highlighted as new but I am not running the show but just my 2 cents.
We had some great peeps that did come in and check us out. There were 5 vendors that participated and we got to know each other very well over a very short period of time. We laughed, we shared info, emails and we even shared interent info.
I did not make any sales today, boohoo.
I often like to watch the peeps that come by, they admire, they stare, they look at details and one lady came for the free cider, looked around the tables then before she left she said, well I got some ideas and marched out of the store. I know people do that at these shows but some are a little more discreet than that. Sarah and I had our jaws drop after we heard that after she left.
I am leaving some items for the rest of the week. Next weekend I have been asked to leave some things at my MIL's craft and bake sale at her retirement residence open to the public so I have another little venue to place items. I think I will give her more painted things than I had at this show.
I was floored tho to find that my mini domino necklaces flew off the table and a few inchie houses. I was so happy. The mini dominos were a last minute idea and I will have to make some more before the Christian High School show in 2 weeks.
Well that is it. I can only hope in 2 weeks time it will be better.
Back to painting and getting ready for the next one.
Thanks for dropping by and if I don't post for a while I will be busy at the kitchen table.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Christmas Ornament swap on FlickR

Hi everyone.
I am still finishing up details for my show this weekend. I will be busy Friday thru to Sunday so I had better make a quick post here regarding this great Christmas Ornament swap.
I have posted it on the Matchbox group because I am not starting a new group just for ornaments. You can click on the blinkie on the right sidebar and it will take you directly to the page.
I would love for you to join us, all the details are there for you to read. I know we just got over Halloween but with the US Thanksgiving then Christmas in December, and it gets crazy, I thought I would post this now and we will take a break during the month of December.
I have a few ideas for you but you do not have to use them, I am just giving a bit of inspiration in case you need some and I am sure you don't.
As you know I did up a bunch of birdcage dies for tree ornies, I cut them  out on the Cuttlebug. You can find templates online, I Googled Ornament coloring pages and found lots for just basic shapes. You can use tree shapes and decorate with vintage images, digi images etc. Just have fun.
I made these a while ago and although they are ok they could use more sprucing up but you get the idea.
So come to FlickR and sign up. We would love to have you join us. It is fun and you only have to make 2.
Thanks for dropping by.
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