Thursday, November 17, 2011

A very busy day

Well we had our first snow of the season but it didn't last long. It came and it went. I didn't even take a picture because it barely covered anything. We are surely going to be getting a blast soon.

Today I was hoping just to get organized and just sit and relax....ha.....NOT.
I still had a few last minute items to finish up, hubs went to work for 2:30 and I was alone to do my whirl wind around the house and get what I thought would take an hour or so and rest before my show. NOT
I seemed to all of a sudden decide I needed to do some more scrabble tile charms and then I got into some other beading things which will be charms and so it is after 7pm and here I am. Still not completely done but for the most part I am pleased with my overall accomplishments.
I hope that this show will prove to be better than last year. I think it takes a while when you are new to a venue for peeps to get used to you and your products and style. I have often been told my items are different but I am not sure exactly how I am to take that. I take it as well you won't find this anywhere else, I hope.
So I am optimistic this will be a better year. I sure hope peeps are buying and that I can come away with some extra money for Christmas.
My car is still at the garage and I don't think it will be ready any time soon. I could have used a run into town before tomorrow but hey, it can wait, besides if I had gone to town I wouldn't have been able to get my load together for tomorrow. Tomorrow morning I will relax, take hubs to work then off to set up and wait for the crowds.
Thank you all for your encouraging words and support. Blog land has certainly been a very positive thing for me and I can't tell you how much you are all appreciated.
I will report back after the show. Take care and stay creative.


  1. Hope it goes wonderfully for you Les... enjoy:))

    Jenny x

  2. Good luck les,your stall will look magic :)

  3. Oh I used to sell - hair accessories at Craft shows and in little kids clothing boutiques....I know you have been working so hard- take pictures- if you have anything left- post them- bet your readers (like me) would love some of your awesome work....

  4. I hope that you have people who love your "different" stuff and purchase lots! Different in my opinion is a good thing cos there is so much of the SAME out there. I always aim at being different...

    What is it with our CARS? Mine went in for a few days again, hopefully for the last time!

    Holding Thumbs


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