Sunday, November 6, 2011

First show report

This weekend I experienced my first scrap and paper type of show and I am sad to say it was not very good. Unfortunately Sweet Sentiments was last listed on the list, it entered as a new participant and the old reliables on the tour list were of course on the front of the page and at the top. I think new vendors should be listed first and maybe highlighted as new but I am not running the show but just my 2 cents.
We had some great peeps that did come in and check us out. There were 5 vendors that participated and we got to know each other very well over a very short period of time. We laughed, we shared info, emails and we even shared interent info.
I did not make any sales today, boohoo.
I often like to watch the peeps that come by, they admire, they stare, they look at details and one lady came for the free cider, looked around the tables then before she left she said, well I got some ideas and marched out of the store. I know people do that at these shows but some are a little more discreet than that. Sarah and I had our jaws drop after we heard that after she left.
I am leaving some items for the rest of the week. Next weekend I have been asked to leave some things at my MIL's craft and bake sale at her retirement residence open to the public so I have another little venue to place items. I think I will give her more painted things than I had at this show.
I was floored tho to find that my mini domino necklaces flew off the table and a few inchie houses. I was so happy. The mini dominos were a last minute idea and I will have to make some more before the Christian High School show in 2 weeks.
Well that is it. I can only hope in 2 weeks time it will be better.
Back to painting and getting ready for the next one.
Thanks for dropping by and if I don't post for a while I will be busy at the kitchen table.


  1. Sorry to hear Les that the show wasn't the best... but sound like fun with the other vendors... it is always hard to know what is going to sell... I love your domino necklaces and the inchie houses... hope the upcoming ones are wonderful... and enjoy your time creating:))

    Jenny x

  2. Sorry it didn't go as well as you thought, Lesley, what a shame. But some things found new homes, so let's hope the next show goes better! Valerie

  3. Sorry to hear the first one was a damp squib! However, not surprised that the mini dominos flew off the table and the little inchies are wonderful too, so no surprise there either...good luck for the next one!

  4. Hi Lesley!
    Found your blog while surfing this morning :) It was great meeting you this weekend and seeing all your creations!! Maybe we will see each other again at a future craft show :)
    Hope you post some pics of your gourds!


  5. Lesley don't feel bad. I did shows for 20 + years and could write a book.Also very good show (high priced) when I barely made enough to pay for the space.
    Most of the buying public can be delightful,but I do recall those that wanted to take photo's and loudly proclaimed "I could make that for half the cost".
    It takes all kinds and people will buy. You just need to hang in there and develope a following,takes time and patience.


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