Sunday, November 20, 2011

November 2011 show report

The Christian High School was a good success. Huge well not huge but it was well worth it this year. I did very well Friday night and the gourds were literally flying off the table. Some peeps were debating with each other which one they wanted and don't take the one I want to buy. I am not sure how many I took with me, safe to say at least close to 20 and I should have taken more. I came home with one lowly snowman but I will give him a good home.
I really tried to be wallet friendly this year and opted to do more tree ornaments, goes to show you, you never know what peeps want to buy because I hardly sold any. My scrabble tile charms did very well, altered domino necklaces. I got a custom order to do a plate, another order for some key chains with a logo on it for a small business and a mouse pad that got chewed up by a critter to replace one I had made years ago. So I will be busy getting orders done but they won't take long.
I just got an email from a contact that there is a show next weekend and if there is room I just may try to get in. We can only hope.
Today I did NOTHING. I layed out on the couch, watched some boxing I have been waiting for, a couple movies then decided to get up and get a roast beast dinner going. Yum, what a great day. I didn't touch a craft, paint brush or piece of paper. Ahhh it is so nice to stop for a minute.
Take care and thank you all so much for your encouragement and well wishes.
I will post pics of my booth tomorrow when I feel more like it.
Off to bed soon for more rest and sleep.
Night night dear friends.


  1. Congrats on your success! Sounds like a relaxing day- just missing the foot massage...LOL

  2. Glad you did well, now enjoy your rest! Valerie

  3. Congraulations Lesley on a great day - you deserved some rest time after all the hard work you put in. Look forward to seeing some photos of your booth too xx


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