Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Good gourd, what is happening

I should have a pic of my kitchen table. I got a hold of Tammy the organizer of the show I am trying to get into . Just waiting to hear back from her and looks like I can squeak in to this weekend's craft show at the church. So....I was busy washing up some moldy gourds and looking in my bag of already gessoed gourds and ,well lets say, I have a gourdy mess on the table. Hee hee.
Thanks for all your encouraging words and well wishes, looks like it paid off and I will be busy for my next show on Saturday. Woot woot.
Rosie was helping to select the right gourds for me to paint either penguins or snowmen, she has quite a nose for that. Of course the whiskers had to be painted too, can't seem to get away from that when the brushes come out.
Well I will try to keep you posted up until Friday but if not, you know the paint will be flying.
I got my car back and the clock/radio are now no longer functioning as it was causing the drain on my battery as well. Oh well I can always look for a new radio after the New Year. Right now it is not a priority. I have heat in my car and it is running.  No charge too, gotta love your mechanic when he doesn't charge you for more time and effort.
Anyways take care all and so glad some of you liked the tissue tape. I applied it yesterday to my matchboxes and I have to say I impressed myself. You must try it and if you do I would love to see your versions.
Cheerio for now.


  1. Glad you can still surprise yourself! Wish you Lots of luck at the show this week, and your car is with you again! Valerie

  2. Just catching up here Les....
    Thanks so much for sharing the tissue tape tute...Fantastic idea!!
    ...and WOW your gourdy folk are awesome!!! Very impressive!!
    ...and Your piccy's of your show are great. So wish I could visit one!!! Have a good'un on Saturday!
    Jan x


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