Monday, November 21, 2011

craft show pictures and DIY tissue tape?

Well after a few of you have asked to see pics and I was too tired to share last night here they are.
I had to do a bit of editing to take some things out I didn't want to show. I am no great photographer, probably never will be so here it is. It is hard to avoid heads in some of these as I was back to back with another lady behind me, beside me to the right and left. I would have loved a wall but you get what they give you. There was an organizing problem with hydro as well. On your application they ask if you want or need hydro and I always check yes because I like to put my ornaments on trees. Well I got there not hydro. I was soon taken care of, a bit later another vendor behind me to the left said he wanted hydro so could he plug into mine, I guess so but you better check. OK no problem. Then 2 tables down a girl wanted hydro to set up her laptop to demonstrate her vinyl words that go on walls. OK everyone is hooked up. Saturday afternoon I get this electric burning whiff, my nose immediately goes crazy like a sniffer dog. I am a very sensitive person with smells so I am smelling underneath the table and all around me. No strong smell. I can't see one of the  coordinators so someone finally flagged one down. All of a sudden we all had to unplug and turn out lights. Come to find out the kitchen had something going on and it was taken care of.
Lights went back on but I sure didn't like all these extension cords running under my table. You may see some in the pics but those aren't mine. I had mine well hidden but not everyone shares the same ideas now do they?

 And below I want to share something with you. Ever see that TH tissue tape but don't like the price? Well I figured out how to make some with supplies you probably already have on hand.
2 sided tape, whatever width you want to use, this is probably half inch, some black ink, does not have to be Stazon, another ink colour or two ,some regular tissue the kind you use for wrapping not the type you blow your nose with, scissors.
Make sure you have a nice piece of tissue to accommodate your tape lengths depending on projects and size.
I am making some matchboxes so I don't have to have a lot of length. I run the tape onto the tissue and press it firmly in place,then I take my scissors and just cut the excess tissue tape following the sides of the tape, remove excess tissue. Then I ink the background with a colour, here I used Cranberry and I also used a Studio G Christmas green colour. I hit it with the heat gun for just a few seconds. Then I take some stamps using black ink (Black Soot DI) used here. Randomly stamp images on the tape, making a collage. After you are done, hit with the heat gun again to be sure the ink is dry. I also ran my coloured inks along both sides of the tape to give it some colour. Once the ink is all dry with the heat gun you can add a bit more ink here and there like I did with the cranberry colour, you can see dark and light spots and some white contrast.
When I am ready I remove the shiny backing and place it on my project and I have just made custom tissue tape. You can use permanent ink markers to add elements like I did with the broken lines. So many possibilities here and a lot cheaper my friends.
Stay creative and thanks for dropping by.
Oh and I almost forgot.....I have a possibility of getting into another show this weekend.
Keep your fingers crossed. If I disappear for the rest of the week you know where I will be.
Car is ready tomorrow and no charge, Yippee skippee dance here. The week is turning out to be a good one, finally.


  1. Your stall looks beautiful Les... great news with the car... and love the tissue tape...
    Fingers crossed for this weekends show...

    Jenny x

  2. Your booth looked great Les!! Love all the ornies!!! Glad you had a good show!!
    Marie ♥

  3. Pic's of the show are great. Hope you get into another.
    Thanks so much for sharing the tissue tape...awesome!
    Happy Thanksgiving. Hugs

  4. Doing shows is a great amount of work. Hopefully your sales make it worthwhile. Love your tissue tapes you made...thank you for sharing your techniques. Blessings...

  5. great tissue tape idea. Your table looks fantastic and all your inchie houses on your tree look great too. Good luck for the next show.

  6. Looks like you have been having fun! Good luck with the next show! Valerie

  7. Your stall looked great Lesley - hope the get the other show too.

    Thanks so much for sharing your tissue tape technique - it's BRILLIANT!!!! Yours look amazing, what a fab idea.

  8. Thge stall and your things are so beautiful Lesley. Also i really love that tissue tape idea. very clever and i shall remember that
    hugs June x

  9. Lesley, you are a busy lady! Good luck at your shows, I hope you got in the other one, too--super cute goodies you have, and such a sweet display!

    Great tutorial, thank you for sharing!



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