Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My blog candy winnings and show report

Hi everyone,
well I finally am going to post so get a drink or snack then sit and read about some blog candy I won and my last show report from the Church craft show on the weekend.

Firstly I want to share this blog candy I won over at my friend Cathy's blog. A couple of weeks ago Cathy posted a giveaway and I commented on her blog as I do often. She picked a random number and she picked mine. So.....I have always admired Cathy's painting and the way she handles those paint brushes and most crafts she touches are done with expertise and precision not to mention her speed. Cathy can spin circles around you, I know I have seen her in action. Look at what I received in the mail last week. I already have that snowman hanging in my bathroom, he looks so darn cute in there, and the ornaments she also stuffed inside. Can't wait to hang everything on our small trees this year. I met Cathy online in a paint group we formed on Yahoo and we have all met face to face and are planning to meet again this time in Maine this coming year. We always have loads of fun and we spend time painting as well.  Thanks so much Cathy, it came at a time while I was struggling with car problems and at a time shows were not going very well so it really boosted my spirits, a big cyber hug to you my friend.

Here is my table set up at the church. I think the tables were only 6 footers. I thought in my email it said 8 but it seemed rather smaller and I have it just loaded as you can see. I am glad I didn't bring my stand to hang things on, it would have been very crowded so I opted to hang items on my table cloth, which did bring a lot of attention. I also found out that this church was having it's very first craft show so that may be one reason there wasn't a lot of traffic, I did make some money and I always like to re coop the cost of my table which I did and then some. Unfortunately some vendors did not make anything over the course of the day. I was a bit upset seeing many people pack up starting at 2:15 and the show was til 3pm. Very poor etiquette in my view.
 Here is another angle of my table. We were really cramped together so trying to get either chairs or peeps out of the way was impossible but we had a good number of vendors and always good to get new contacts for the future.
 And here is my new friend I met at Sweet Sentiments craft sale my first show a few weeks back, this is Sara. Sara does some amazing things with paper. Her biggest sellers are these cute snowmen chocolate bar wraps,darn you can't see them in this pic, she makes mini albums, post it note holders, mini gift boxes and all kinds of cool items.
 And here are more gourdy folk. If you remember my last post they were on the table being painted or ready to be assembled. The forefront snoman wasn't on the table 5 minutes after we opened and he went to a new home. The snowmen sold the best but I did find homes for some of the penguins.
One young lady bought 2 penguins and after she bought them she asked if the gourds were going to rot over time. I had to laugh to myself, why would I paint gourds then sell them to rot. Anyways I explained that they had already dried out over the past year and that was not going to happen. She was happy and left.

 And one more little fella that really made me smile was this snowie. He was all bundled up and went to a good home. I will miss him, he just made me smile.
So now I am doing some orders I received during my show at the school. Finished up one order today, got some swaps ready to be mailed out. I sure hope my swap partners won't be upset with me being a little tardy. I was going to try to do one more show but opted not to.
I am done for the season. I was happy with what I did sell and it will be put to good use over the holidays.
Thanks for dropping by and I can't wait to show you a few items I have been working on.
If you ever visit Nancy Maxwell James  or Paper Whimsy, you will surely be inspired by her great work. She gives amazing tutorials and her work is stunning.
I struggle with shabby but she makes it look so easy.
Take care all and be creative, it's good for the soul.


  1. Enjoy your candy, and glad your show went well! Valerie

  2. Fabulous blog candy - Lucky you :)
    Your table looks great...and those gourdy folk make me smile Les!! Such wonderful sweet expressions on their little faces !
    Jan x

  3. You have been so ambitious this holiday season and created so many beautiful things Les!

  4. What a cute snowman !
    So delighted you sold some of your lovely creations.

  5. Congratulations on winning the candy - the snowman pic is fab.

    Your stall looks fantastic and your gourdy folk are great! Glad some went to good homes x


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