Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Gourdy Folk for my next show

Hi everyone, boy this week is surely flying by, tomorrow is Wed already, I start my show Friday evening and all day Saturday. Am I ready, don't ask. Will I be? don't ask. Is there ever enough stock, probably but you always need to do way more than necessary.

I want to show you the last items I have been working on for a while now. The gourds I grew in my garden last year and the drying process takes a while so this year I was happy to try painting them for the first time. I got a little addicted but had to stop because I need to finish a few things up before I start packing up on Thurs. I used Air dry clay for the noses on the snowmen, flippers on the pengy's and hats and bow ties. I love that air dry clay, it is so light, I use white so I can paint it and dry brush it any colour I want. I did just recently find black which I didn't know it came in black but I bought some to have on hand. I may be doing a few more of these before Christmas if these sell, but, who wouldn't want a painted gourd to smile at on your bookshelf, table or display over the holidays. I certainly would if I didn't paint. :)
I did all the painting free hand, no patterns, I even drew the faces on, for someone who is not a skilled drawer or sketcher I think I did pretty good. Although I did use Jamie Mills Price's patterns as models for the penguins but these were all done by me.
Hubs helped with some of the designs and suggestions and Rosie assisted with the painting. Of course whiskers had to be groomed during the whole process. Maybe that is why it took me forever to paint these.
Cats.....such demanding critters.
I will keep this short, sleep is calling my name. Tomorrow I will be finishing up some odds and sods and I have scrabble tile charms to do as well.
Til next time, I always enjoy your comments and I will be visiting more blogs once this show is over.
Stay crafty my dear friends.


  1. These are beautifully painted, they would take me days to complete and would not be profitable at all! do you take the flesh out the gourd? I wonder if your gourd is like our butternut? I must investigate...

  2. So so cute! You always do such a fabulous job with your crafts! Wish I could come to your show. :)

  3. Lesley, these are so cute! Love the expressions on their faces. You are very clever!
    Good luck with the show.

  4. Wonderful creations, you are the gourdess of gourds! Valerie

  5. Wow! These are beautiful. I love the colors and air clay accessories.

  6. Love all of them, great job Les! The Santa and the fuzzies is perfect! How did you get that Pinterest button on your blog?


  7. They are just adorable and so very unique. Wonderful job as always.

  8. Totally adorable Lesley. I have no doubt they'll fly out the door.
    Good Luck and big hugs

  9. Oh Les, they are just wonderful. I WOULD smile every time I saw them! Have a great weekend!!!

  10. They are so cute, I love the faces that you paint - great expressions. I wish I could come and see your show, blogdom is the next best thing. Hope you have a successful weekend.

  11. Absolutely fab creations. I had to do a double take on your heading. Couldn't believe they started life as a gourd.!!! Hugs ValeryAnne (aka Mrs A.)


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