Monday, November 26, 2012

Craft show season and I am done

Stick a fork in me and I am done....I finished up my last show yesterday and it was not as successful as the last 2.  Everyone felt the pinch as well. All the vendors looked like deer in headlights waiting for the day to end. There was a lot of traffic and many lookers but not many buyers. Seems if someone wanted something in particular they could find it but the purses were clammed up real tight. Oh well not a good ending to the season but I was quite happy with the other 2 and my wonderful MIL sold some items for  me in the retirement home and so the Christmas shopping begins. 
I stayed in my PJ's all day and layed around this morning ,but, after lunch I got up and started to clean up the studio. I put books away, paints that I no longer needed and tidied up. You can actually see my table now. 
I have 2 small orders to complete and a gift to paint then I can put it all away for a while. 
I also have another workshop in December at the library and that should be fun. Before anyone saw the project  I had ,4 signed up. The sample has been there a couple weeks now so I need to call to see how many are in the class to do up my kits for them. Should be fun, the last class was wonderful.

Items that sold were my gourds of course, signs, yesterday small items like tree ornaments, a hot mat, which I just finished doing up for this last show, and soap. My painted soaps were flying off the table and I had about 15 or so of them and came home with only a few. Funny how things fly, no one was really interested in them at the other 2 but this show, the low cost items were going.

I also had a wonderful surprise at my show. My very talented paint friend Marie came by and surprised me. On Face book I put the address where I was going to be and she and her man drove 3 hours to come see me. Marie and a few of us painting buddies met online years ago and we branched off and formed our own Yahoo group and kept in touch and we all met face to face a couple of times. I was so shocked I couldnt' speak and when I did I wanted to ball my eyes out. It was a lovely visit and I cannot thank her enough for such a thoughtful gesture. It is still putting a smile on my face. 

Take care all and stay tuned for some holiday fun here at the studio. I wanted to do a holiday blog hop with a few other fellow bloggers but being the time of year it gets busy and it wasn't a good time for them. So stay tuned closer to December and I will share some quick and easy ideas for your holiday season.
TTFN, ♥♥♥
Cyndi Combs snowman design ornaments

 My friend Marie's design painted on a cork hot mat
 Renee Mullins design on a hot mat

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Show report

Hi everyone, another show done and it was a big success. The Quinte Christian High School put on a really good event this year, this is my 3rd year already and this was the best so far. I only have a few photos to show you but I was very pleased with all I did, I sold a lot of items, painted gourds, cupboard doors, canvases, tree ornaments, a little ginger tea pot, framed paintings with snowmen, and lots more. I have one more show to do next weekend. I will be busy so you won't see me on here probably for a good week or so. I have so much to do and so little time to do it in. Henry insisted he went to see what I was up to....I had no choice but to take him along. He got a little sad when all his snow family started leaving with these strange people and to see them all being wrapped in tissue and into bags shocked the poor fella. Oh well Henry doesn't know it yet but he will be seeing more gourdy folk on the table this week. Take care all, it was a great show and I have much to do.
Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Just a few more painted pieces

So I am down to the last day and half before my next show. I did get a few more things done but I really wanted to do more but time seems to be just whizzing by. Not sure what is up with that but anyways I can't control time and I will be fine, I just like to have lots of stock.
Here are a couple more items I want to show you and then I will be off for a few days. Friday starts my next show and all day Saturday so by Sunday I will be beat.\
This is a 9x12 canvas I did a Deb Malewski design on. I did the border with a flurry of snowflakes and had as much fun doing that as I did the design. I just love to paint freely and slip slap the paint.
  This is a cupboard door I got from my local Habitat for Humanity store. I painted a vintage Santa with toys designed by Katrina Roncin. I miss her designing, she was a great folk artist. I wonder whatever happened to her.???
 And meet my painting mascot, Henry. Henry was born in the garden about 2 years ago now. He was premature and didn't grow very large. Last year I started to paint him but he got put aside because he has a rather knobby belly. So this year I pulled Henry out again, added a face, buttons, his hat is too large and his scarf is mismatched for the colour of his coat and hat. Henry doesn't mind, he keeps me going and tells me when to take a break. He is a little worried here tho because there seems to be a lot of noses hanging around....not sure what that means....he is worried.
 And tonight Henry decided to leap into my container of water which looks dreadful and told me to stop. I have been at it since early this morning so he wanted to see that I took care of myself. Henry wasn't hurt at all in this photo, he just leapt right in but landed on some paintbrushes that were still in the water. That little devil Henry......
 And now 2 more Gourdy Folk with noses, so Henry can be assured those noses are being used.
Thanks for dropping by and will report back after my next show. 
Take care and thank you for all your lovely comments and support.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Very busy of late

Hello everyone,

First of all I would like to thank those of you that have left me comments on FB and on here as well during the recent loss of my father. As sad as I am I am relieved that he no longer suffers from the devastating disease of dementia. Such a terrible condition to those affected and loved ones. I think of him daily and  have  many fond memories of him. I love you Dad .

 I have not blogged in quite some time but since returning from out west I have been so busy. Craft show season is upon me and I am going to be teaching another class at my local library in December. I forgot to take a picture of what we will be doing but it is going to be a lot of fun. A mixed media canvas, a paper tree with layers of different Christmas paper, Stickles glitter glue, stencilling, paint and a whole lot of fun. 
I found this tutorial on Pinterest and if I get a chance to get a picture of what I did I will post it but it has been taken to the library as a sample. There are 4 people signed up already even without seeing what I did. 
The stocking was a huge hit with the girls I think they are waiting for more fun, at least I hope so. Woohoo, I find instructing a lot of fun and very rewarding. So nice to see others faces after they completed the project. Simple painting with a little how to and before you know masterpieces are complete. 

I recently had a craft show and I did quite well. I have 2 more and they are keeping me busy. Gourds are a hit again this year and some signs, ornaments and canvases as well. I was shocked at the lovely comments, peeps asking if I had a store, no I don't and don't intend on it but peeps were willing to take my little cards and many wanted to know if I could paint things for them in the future. Anyways a good show and my next one is this Friday and  Saturday. I have done  this show 2 years already and always a good crowd and well advertised. 
Just checking in and letting you know I am still around. I hope to be able to post a pic or two in the next few days of a few things I just finished up.
Take care and always love to hear from you.
TTFN, ♥♥♥
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