Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Just a few more painted pieces

So I am down to the last day and half before my next show. I did get a few more things done but I really wanted to do more but time seems to be just whizzing by. Not sure what is up with that but anyways I can't control time and I will be fine, I just like to have lots of stock.
Here are a couple more items I want to show you and then I will be off for a few days. Friday starts my next show and all day Saturday so by Sunday I will be beat.\
This is a 9x12 canvas I did a Deb Malewski design on. I did the border with a flurry of snowflakes and had as much fun doing that as I did the design. I just love to paint freely and slip slap the paint.
  This is a cupboard door I got from my local Habitat for Humanity store. I painted a vintage Santa with toys designed by Katrina Roncin. I miss her designing, she was a great folk artist. I wonder whatever happened to her.???
 And meet my painting mascot, Henry. Henry was born in the garden about 2 years ago now. He was premature and didn't grow very large. Last year I started to paint him but he got put aside because he has a rather knobby belly. So this year I pulled Henry out again, added a face, buttons, his hat is too large and his scarf is mismatched for the colour of his coat and hat. Henry doesn't mind, he keeps me going and tells me when to take a break. He is a little worried here tho because there seems to be a lot of noses hanging around....not sure what that means....he is worried.
 And tonight Henry decided to leap into my container of water which looks dreadful and told me to stop. I have been at it since early this morning so he wanted to see that I took care of myself. Henry wasn't hurt at all in this photo, he just leapt right in but landed on some paintbrushes that were still in the water. That little devil Henry......
 And now 2 more Gourdy Folk with noses, so Henry can be assured those noses are being used.
Thanks for dropping by and will report back after my next show. 
Take care and thank you for all your lovely comments and support.


  1. Sweet post! I do adore your country primitives! Nice to hear that you or Henry are taking care! Hugs,

  2. You always amaze me with your beautiful painted creations much talent!!...and I just LOVE little Henry...adorable...good to hear he is looking after you...Good luck with your shows my friend...Not that you need it! Have fun! Hugs...Smifferoo x

  3. Hi Les, Just stopping in to wish you well at your show. Everything I see when I check in is terrific. The more you paint th bettr it gets,you are doing a great job !
    I hope the show is terrific,be thinkin of you. The big Christmas open house at the shop is Sat.
    Busy time for all !

  4. Oh Les... they are all adorable... and so so sweet... the snowman canvas is gorgeous... am sure they will sell really well... good luck with the show... hope you have a wonderful time...

    Jenny ♥

  5. I so enjoyed viewing your artful creations, wonderful! Thanks for sharing.
    Luv the little snowman on your blog background too.
    Happy holidays,


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