Monday, November 26, 2012

Craft show season and I am done

Stick a fork in me and I am done....I finished up my last show yesterday and it was not as successful as the last 2.  Everyone felt the pinch as well. All the vendors looked like deer in headlights waiting for the day to end. There was a lot of traffic and many lookers but not many buyers. Seems if someone wanted something in particular they could find it but the purses were clammed up real tight. Oh well not a good ending to the season but I was quite happy with the other 2 and my wonderful MIL sold some items for  me in the retirement home and so the Christmas shopping begins. 
I stayed in my PJ's all day and layed around this morning ,but, after lunch I got up and started to clean up the studio. I put books away, paints that I no longer needed and tidied up. You can actually see my table now. 
I have 2 small orders to complete and a gift to paint then I can put it all away for a while. 
I also have another workshop in December at the library and that should be fun. Before anyone saw the project  I had ,4 signed up. The sample has been there a couple weeks now so I need to call to see how many are in the class to do up my kits for them. Should be fun, the last class was wonderful.

Items that sold were my gourds of course, signs, yesterday small items like tree ornaments, a hot mat, which I just finished doing up for this last show, and soap. My painted soaps were flying off the table and I had about 15 or so of them and came home with only a few. Funny how things fly, no one was really interested in them at the other 2 but this show, the low cost items were going.

I also had a wonderful surprise at my show. My very talented paint friend Marie came by and surprised me. On Face book I put the address where I was going to be and she and her man drove 3 hours to come see me. Marie and a few of us painting buddies met online years ago and we branched off and formed our own Yahoo group and kept in touch and we all met face to face a couple of times. I was so shocked I couldnt' speak and when I did I wanted to ball my eyes out. It was a lovely visit and I cannot thank her enough for such a thoughtful gesture. It is still putting a smile on my face. 

Take care all and stay tuned for some holiday fun here at the studio. I wanted to do a holiday blog hop with a few other fellow bloggers but being the time of year it gets busy and it wasn't a good time for them. So stay tuned closer to December and I will share some quick and easy ideas for your holiday season.
TTFN, ♥♥♥
Cyndi Combs snowman design ornaments

 My friend Marie's design painted on a cork hot mat
 Renee Mullins design on a hot mat


  1. oh how lovely to catch up with your friend les...:)bet youre glad its allover and you relax a bit.....happy jim jam day :)

  2. That is a special friend indeed! Your stuff looks fabulous as always...go pack your kits for class then rest, you earned it!

  3. Glad your shows are done, now have some fun and relax a bit. How lovely of Marie to visit you! Hugs, Valerie

  4. Sorry it ended slowely,shows are like that.
    I remember one in the mid 90's,we had a terrible blizzard and most vendors left early.
    A few stayed and we sold well the last couple hours. The following week was beutiful but no buyers.
    just makes ya wish you could see into the future !!

  5. Disappointing the last show wasn't as good Les... you never can tell can you... but how exciting to have your friend visit... wonderful... love your gorgeous pics... and glad you enjoyed your jammy day... they are always good...

    Jenny ♥

  6. How lovely for your friend to surprise you at your show! :)...Those hot mats look fab!! .You can slow down a little now Les and enjoy a much deserved rest...Hugs! Jan x

  7. Thanks for stopping by I really love your Christmas blog.


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