Thursday, November 10, 2011

It never ends.....

I am usually a pretty calm and even tempered person but I have had it today. You remember me telling you about my car and the battery was being drained, they couldn't find the problem for the longest time and then they said after trying everything it was the automatic door locks that was causing the dead short so they disengaged them and now I don't have automatic locks. Well I ran back and forth all weekend long to my craft show and I was in town, On Tues I was doing some errands, I was getting tired and decided I wasn't going to do groceries(well I should have). Well today I went to do groceries and drop some items off to my MIL's for her craft show this weekend.....the battery.....was DEAD. After many dollars the last time I am livid. Hubby is on the afternoon shift so he needs his vehicle. I need to do groceries and many other things in the next week and NO VEHICLE. My bank account was drained from the last episode and I can only imagine this next time won't be anything great either. I feel like crawling in a hole and crying. Will this car episode ever end. I like my car I just wish whatever is going on would stop. I sure hope when I drop it off on the weekend it isn't weeks again, I have a big show next weekend and I might be missing out this weekend on some sales thanks to my MIL.

OK thanks for listening to me rant.....I just needed to vent.
Until next time....I promise I will be more positive.


  1. Poor Lesley, sorry you are having so many probs with that car. Hope things will soon be easier for you. Hugs, Valerie

  2. Okay Miss lesley you need some chocolate ASAP...then go out an kick your me your will feel much better ..and your can rant and vent as much as you want ... big hugs Wendy

  3. How frustrating, I am having electrical issues with my car also, I take it to get it fixed and when I get it back, something else is wrong. Frustrating. Cars and Computers, great when they work, frustrating when they don't! Hang in there!

  4. Les we really are at the mercy of these and computers and people! Sheesh!! Well I'll put out a call to the universe to put a nod your way in the way of good luck. Truly your story sounds frustrating to say the least. There is a reason for the battery drain. We know that. Trick is. WHAT????? I feel your pain friend! *hugs* Norma
    p.s.I'm looking forward to your ornament swap and am just now beginning to plan mine out.


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