Friday, September 7, 2012

Good news again.....

Hi folks
quick post here. I am a bit tired tonight and not for lack of sleep. I got a call yesterday from the library and they sold one of my pieces. I was doing the happy dance, and.....they have asked for more items if I have any. Most of my things I already have in stock are small and Christmas things that didn't sell last year. So I did up a canvas yesterday

 and painted a cupboard door today
 that was in my stash in the basement. If these don't sell at the library I can always add them to my inventory for this fall. Being in a very large farming community I thought this might attract some attention. I had a bit of trouble with the nose, not sure why but I had to touch it up several times and I am still not happy with it but I think I was getting tired. I have painted this cow before but I am really liking this one. It sells very quickly so keeping my fingers crossed on it.

Well thanks for dropping by. I can't believe how quickly this week has flown.
I got 2 happy mails this week but I will post that another day.
Be back again soon.
Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Congratulations on the sale. Love the cow!

  2. BIG congrats Les... so happy that you sold a piece... how wonderful... and just love your canvas and cupboard door... both are lovely...

    Jenny x

  3. Love the cow, Lesley! And the old homestead canvas is nice too. Congratulations on your sale!


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