Wednesday, May 16, 2012

No face today

I have to charge up the batteries in my camera so no posting of my face today so I will have to double up tomorrow.
We got the veggie garden planted today, glad that is done. Just need to find tomato plants. We usually get a 4 cell pack but seems the stores are only carrying the 3 inch pot with 1 tomato plant. Have to travel around town to find them since my MIL wants to put a few tomatoes down this year. She is 80 so we try to plant a few extra things for her as we have plenty of garden for just the 2 of us. Nothing like picking something fresh, no pesticides used, and then eating at supper or lunch. 

I picked up  my book I ordered through Chapters online store and it was free shipping if sent to your local Chapters book store. It is Suzi Blu's latest book on her Mixed Media girls. It is chock full of inspiration, templates to get you started and loads of instructions. It comes with a DVD as well and Suzi explains everything in her quirky way. I highly recommend this book. It is worth it. I got some birthday money from my MIL so I used some of it to get the book. I love it.
Can't wait to draw and paint with her instructions. I will have to clean the dirt from my hands and get my hands all painty, that will be fun.....yeah...
Rosie can't wait either, she loves it when Momma paints. 
Thank you everyone for all your comments on Bella. You will have to wait for my surprise drawing for today tomorrow and tomorrow's as well.
Til next time....stay arty...


  1. Your book sounds good - enjoy! Hope you are also recharging your batteries in the garden! Thanks for your mail. Hugs, Valerie

  2. Your drawings are really getting good, Les. They are all very cute. I like the little whimsical looks too them. Very sweet. We are putting our garden in this weekend, I agree it's so nice to have nice fresh veggies!

  3. We planted too,but have had to cover things the last few nights. Darn frost!
    The book sounds great I'll have to check it out.
    Big Hugs

  4. so nice for you have lovely weather and get your veges planted :) will have to look out for that book, sounds wonderful :]


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