Wednesday, May 23, 2012

29Faces-Day 23 RU kidding me?

Wow I had to check to make sure I was typing this number of days in right. 23 already? Where did week 1 and 2 go? Well the time of year sure keeps one busy and I want to say a HUGE thank you to all who keep stopping by and checking my faces out. Some seem to be quite lame but some I am really seeing a difference. It is amazing how one can keep practising whether it be art or music or a certain skill how you do progress. Years ago if you asked me to draw a face I would have said RU kidding me? Well now I know I can at least make it look human, maybe not your face or mine but I do really enjoy seeing what emerges with pencil and paper and of course the eraser, which if not around I soon panic. LOL
So here is today"s sketch. I think I would like to paint this some day but I am not going to try to rush each day, rushing makes me antsy and not enjoy what I am doing. I seem to get a bit slower as I get older and more methodical about what I am doing. 
I attempted an Asian face, if you have traded ATC's with me you know I love Asian/Oriental themes. I saw this one artist who was featured in Suzi Blu's book and it caught my eye. Of course it was all painted up and beautifully done but I wanted to attempt the face and it is no where near what it looks like in the book, but ,I didn't want to copy it either, I just reached for some inspiration to draw from.
Excuse the graph paper but I seem to do a better job lining things up. Until I get a little more skilled at symmetry, this is one paper besides sketching paper I will continue to use.
Til next time, thanks for dropping by.


  1. It's great lesley and graph paper helps a lot. I remember drawing my first face and I think I've come a long way since then but I have practiced like crazy lol. I've sent you a message on FB check it out.
    Chris xx

  2. I like your face - can't believe it is almost over. I remember seeing Tam's first post on facebook.

  3. She is wonderful Les... her eyes look so mystical... and her features are lined up perfectly... and I know... hard to believe it is almost over... what fun it has been...

    Jenny x

  4. Wow, Les, I'm impressed with how well you are doing with this challenge, I'd be lucky if i could manage 3 or 4 faces, let alone 29!!Loving your girls luscious lips!!
    Jan x

  5. yes she is a beauty les.....your comments on my blog make me smile :]


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