Monday, May 14, 2012

29 Faces-Day 13

I hope everyone had a lovely Mother's Day. We had a beautiful day to BBQ chicken for my MIL and her friend.
It is really getting busy around here with cleaning up the flower beds a bit and tilling the veggie garden, the deck to organize with flower pots etc. Never a dull moment around here.
This is yesterday's sketch, day 13 already, wow time is really whizzing by isn't it? I wanted to do a different expression than my normal looking straight on so I tried this and even tho it is not one of my better sketches, I think I captured it pretty good. Her nose is a bit too small and maybe even her mouth but by 11pm at night the sketches can depict my exhaustion of the day. Like I said it has been a busy couple weeks and trying to post everyday is something I am not used to, but, I am really enjoying the challenge and seeing all the participants work.
Thanks for dropping by and now off to post today's face.


  1. Beautiful sketch Les... I love that she is looking upwards... so glad you had a lovely Mother's Day... and sounds like gardening is another passion of yours... enjoy...

    Jenny x

  2. i love the way shes looking up les, its a beautiful sketch.......:)


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