Wednesday, May 9, 2012

29 Faces-Day9

I am so excited to show you this face today. I was inspired by a birthday card I received from my dear Mum. Of course I didn't want to copy the exact pose on the card and I changed a few things up.
 I also did not use watercolour paints or pencils but created very thin washes of acrylic paint to give the same effect. I had to work fast with blending however as the acrylics dry very quickly. I again used some heavy kraft paper I had collaged dictionary pages and music from a hymnal  then gessoed over it all. Then I sketched this and went to town painting it. I had a lot of fun.  

 My girl looks pregnant but she isn't so she told me. She just had a rather scrumptious lunch and she was bulging a bit, nothing like a good hot cup of tea and then picking flowers for a little exercise won't hurt.

She told me her name was Lucinda and she was going to take her crown in for some touch ups with more colour. Hmmm, I said to myself, looks good to me..cheeky little one I thought.

Til tomorrow, stay creative and thanks for dropping by. Always love to hear what you have to say.

Stay tuned for a little giveaway post. I just celebrated my 50th and I am 1 shy of 200 Followers.


  1. Oh Les... your birthday girl is GORGEOUS!!! You can see how much fun you have had here... and I just love her flowing hair... and Lucinda is beautiful... and a little sassy... I like that.. stunning work...

    Jenny x

  2. Awww Les, what a cutie she is! I love all her colorful surroundings. You did a great job with her! :)

  3. oh she si sensational Les, i love the blendy colors would love golden paints cos they are like glazes , i only have 5 cos they are so are a great source of inspriation...:)

  4. She looks like she's been partying and has come really happy - love it! Valerie

  5. OMG Les!...this is beautiful..loving how you have painted straight onto the collaged background, your gal and the colours are amazing! Oh, and I love her crown and hair!... Stunning!
    Jan x

  6. Very pretty! Love the colors and her crown looks just right to me!

  7. Your girlie is so cute and I love the little story you wrote about her. You are so talented. I am your newest follower # 200. That sounds like a lucky number to I'm taking a chance and hoping you'll accept my invitation to visit my blog and hopefully you will decide to follow me too. Connie :)
    I'm a wife, mother, grandmother and lover of life. I enjoy each and every day the good Lord blesses me with. My creative side is: artist, photographer, paper-crafter, musician, singer, gardener . . . I like a variety of things and my blog reflects these interests. Have a great weekend and Happy Mother's Day. Hope to hear from you.

  8. What a fun painting! :) She looks wonderful!

  9. this turned out quite sweet and charming ~


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