Friday, May 25, 2012

29Faces- Day 24 and 25

Hi everyone, I took a computer break yesterday and did not come on at all.
Here I want to show you a sketch and a mixed media piece WIP which you will be eligible to win if you comment on my Giveaway post. So if you haven't commented yet, got here to do so, I am giving away 2 mixed media pieces in my Giveaway one for each prize pack. 

So here is Day 24. I found a pic online and liked the hands on the face so I attempted it an a partly open mouth. I did a few things different but I am pleased considering this is my first actual piece done off of an actual photograph. The only thing that I must say didn't turn out very well is the girl was Japanese and her eyes could have used a bit more work. I had a very long nose and very narrow and when I looked at the face I knew something had to be done but after discussing this with my hubs, he said you need a larger nose and not so long. 
So here she is....Miss. Peace O. Work.....the hands were a challenge as well but I did the best I could considering I haven't really done other body parts. Everything is symmetry as I am learning. I have really enjoyed this challenge very much....I feel very content where I am, not trying to bring perfection the first time around since I am far from being perfect.....but.....I see great strides just in the 3 weeks I have been doing this challenge, and, thanks to all of you who have stopped by and left encouraging comments.

 And this is a WIP mixed media doll that you will be eligible to win as a thank you for following and leaving lovely comments during this challenge and before and after. As you can see I still have lots left to do but isn't it fun to get just a sneak peek?  My mixed media pieces with be sealed with beeswax after all the details are comple.. So don't forget to sign up for my giveaway with the links posted throughout this post

On another note....yesterday I finally went out to buy some much needed summer clothes. Hubs said go look for some things and a dress if you like and that would be his one gift for me for my birthday. I decided yesterday I would rather shop for art supplies or groceries. After about 4 hours of trying things on, I was exhausted not to mention a little disappointed not to find an appropriate dress for summer. They make dresses for very long legged twiggy people. Hard to find petite and length appropriate and not all gathered where you don't want gathers like right under your bosom. Good grief, I think I am going to bring out the sewing machine and make my own.
Take care everyone and til next time, stay inky, painty, crafty or just be YOU


  1. Nice work again! Sorry you couldn't find a fitting dress! Valerie

  2. Miss. Peace O. Work is darling. You did great with the hands, they are not easy to do.

    I know what you mean about shopping for clothes, it's one of my least favorite shopping experiences. I'd rather have art supplies too.

  3. Beautiful sketch Les... you have done such a fabulous job... her hands are lovely... and oh my gosh Les... your mixed media piece is adorable... LOVE LOVE it... that little face is gorgeous... I SO want to win... totally hearing you about clothes shopping... exactly the same experience for me... have often thought of pulling out the sewing machine too... but I would rather be

    Jenny x

  4. I love the name, Miss Peace O. work LOL too funny. YOu did a good job! Now I want to challenge you to do a cat face! I know you can do it! Look how far you've come!
    I hate cloths shopping! It's always a stressful situation!

  5. its good to have a computer break once in a while :) good attempt i have heard thats it not easy to do hands , not that i have your suzi gal , that is stunning :)!!!

    im just getting fatter and fatter, so i hate clothes shopping....

  6. Hi Lesley,
    Your drawing turned out great. I think the hands are the hardest part to draw!
    And I LOVE your mixed media doll! I would be thrilled to have her in my home! You are so generous to give her away!
    Clothes shopping? Pooh! Such a waste of time, isn't it? :) Now, art supply store? I could shop for days!

  7. Beautiful creations! I just came here (and joined) from FB, Art for Art Sake and plan on visiting often! Already am a follower! Oh how I hear you on the shopping! I spent several hours shopping and nothing! Found one dress, but decided it was too low and I would feel uncomfortable worrying about anything extra showing! Happy Weekend!

  8. Great portrait! Love your mixed media piece. :) Hope you find a summer dress for yourself.


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