Sunday, May 20, 2012

29Faces Day 18

So playing catch up once again here. I worked on yesterdays face for 2 days. I had to do it over but it is still a WIP. 
Here is Day 18...since looking over Suzi Blu's book she recommends using graph paper for starters to get features lined up. I usually use a ruler but I still end up with crooked lines. I think I have a crooked brain. Anyways I am really learning a lot and even tho some of my girls are whimsy it still is important to line facial features up. I also learned if the nose is close to the eyes that usually indicates the face is younger. I have looked at some of my past sketches and yes that is true. Even tho I am not taking formal drawing or sketching classes I am still learning so much by reading material and finding great vids on YouTube. 
Anyways enough blabber about my learning process here is my girl for Day 18, sorry the one pic is a bit blurry, I did lighten it up but it is too close and the camera or the operator didn't wait for the focus to kick in.....
And here  she is full facial features and a WIP. I do plan on doing this on a mixed media canvas but I have been too busy do paint all my sketches but this one will be done for sure. I just love those big eyes and those lush lips. Suzi  I am really enjoying your book and your teaching is wonderful. 
Day 19 coming right up.


  1. Oh Les... she is lovely... gorgeous eyes and lips... and so glad you are loving Suzi's book so much... you can definitely see a change here...

    Jenny x

  2. thats funny cos i i do a mot of my whimsy ones with far apart eyes as i think it makes them look younger!!

    hasnt this been a great learning curve...shes a

  3. Oh Lesley, you do make me sigh with happiness :o) she's lovely,
    Sam x


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