Saturday, May 26, 2012

29 Faces-Day 26

Oh my, 3 days left to this challenge and I have learned so much and even have been challenged to do this kind of face. Well my friend Becky from Country Lane Folkart challenged me to do a cat's face. Becky did not say what kind of cat whether it be wild, domestic or big cat. I took the challenge and so here is my face for today.
Now I still have work to do on the mane. It is rather difficult to get the mane very thick so I am not showing all of the lion's head. Considering I just started sketching the beginning of the year I think I am coming along at a good pace. I love to sketch, each one is a challenge and I am learning perspective and symmetry which is really important in facial features....
So enough talk, please meet Kingsley....isn't he grand? I think a nice big crown on his head would look wonderful. 
Thank you Becky for encouraging me to do can't tell yourself you can't do it....just dive in and try. You may be surprised at what you can do.
Thanks for looking and see ya tomorrow.


  1. Les, I think he is purrfect! He reminds me of the Lion on the Rudolph Christmas special, the lion king on the island of the misfit toys. ( the king is not a misfit toy, he takes care of them,) So cute! You did a great job and now I"m sure you can tackle a drawing of Miss Rosie cats!
    Keep it up!

  2. kingsley is very cool les, he has a gentle face to me.....
    although its 29 faces there are 31 days this month, so 2 extra :)

  3. Oh Les... Kingsley is brilliant... you have captured his face beautifully... well done my friend... he is AWESOME!!! and yes I think too... a crown would be the perfect addition...

    Jenny x

  4. Just gorgeous Les... wow... he turned out great and so lifelike...

  5. Oh he's beautiful!! Lions are just sooo regal, and you've captured that wonderfully! I just love all the different ways you all have interpreted the month of faces!! :)

  6. Wow, Kingsley sure is grand!! handsome in every detail!..a little crown would suit him perfectly...
    Jan x


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