Tuesday, May 22, 2012

29Faces-Day 20, 21, 22

Playing catch up here, I was busy painting and getting things caught up. We were supposed to get rain but it has been north and south of us. We happened to be in a banana belt where we miss a lot of weather so it did not rain but I took advantage of a cloud cover day.
So here is Face 20, it is on Watercolour paper and I am not very keen on it but I did used watercolour pencils and my new W/C crayons. I don't like her wings and her face could use more work but I had completed this yesterday and was torn whether I would post it but here it is. I am getting too far behind so thought it best to just use it for Day 20. The faces are not all pretty and the way I want them to be, after all it is a challenge. Not like I am entering a contest or anything.

The next 2 group of faces are my collaged and gessoed papers I did a bunch of to use for this challenge, so glad they were prepped for me ahead of time. I used acrylic paints for these one. This is my cat Rosie, she is orange and white and a little bit fat, she's my Rosiecats. (I say that to her and sing it too, she always answers back. I wonder what she says about being fat...LOL =^..^=)
Day 21a
 And here is the full page. Funny how the colours look so different with the closeup above and then the whole page in view. I didn't use a lot of gesso on top of my colours this time, I was going for the really bold look. Don't you love those polka dot stockings???? tee hee
 Meet the Lou family, (22a)

Day 22b
 Mary Lou, Katy Lou and little Cindy Lou.....isn't she a doll? I love the bold yellow and all the lovely dots. I am really into dotty things lately. See those ridgy lines? I used a piece of corrugated cardboard, brushed paint on it then pressed it on the background. You have to work fast because acrylic dries quickly. 
So now I have another face with coloured pencils started, I worked on it last night before bed, so I hope to complete it tomorrow but I am still doing some planting of flowers so we will have to wait and see what happens.
Thanks for dropping by.
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  1. WOW Les... such gorgeous eye candy... your angel is sweet... her little face is so adoring... the girl with the polka dot stockings holding Rosie is wonderful... is that you Les... and the Lou family is ADORABLE... love it... with little Cindy Lou peeking around... what sweeties they all are... and your backgrounds are fabulous... you have been so busy... and creative... awesome work... really loving your style my friend...

    Jenny x

  2. Adore your faces and love the bright background colours.

  3. Les, I've been meaning to compliment you on your progress (I can see it unfolding in real time as the weeks pass) of your drawing/paintings. You are doing just great!! I did get your message and thanks for thinking of me! (my drawing challenge I mean) *smiles* Norma

  4. Oh my, you have been busy, and produced some amazing work. The cat is not fat, she is just pear shaped! Great picture! Valerie

  5. oh lesley your painings are adorable and they dont have to be beautiful but i think she is...

  6. Such cut faces! :) And I love the kitty.

  7. Absolutely love the collages :) So gorgeous!!

  8. These are all Gorgeous Lesley! I love the stockings, and the plump cat! Beautifully Done! Hugs,Tee


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