Saturday, May 12, 2012

29 Faces-Day 12

Wow a busy week and the weekend is even busier.
This is a short post and I probably won't be able to post til Monday now because tomorrow is Mother's Day and we have things going on.
I did this little one last night and had a blast doing it. For the mixed media girls I have been doing for this challenge I am using a certain palette of colours. Very bright and cheery. I have found that even tho I am using these colours consistently some colours are stronger depending on how much of that colour I use or how much gesso I use. At any rate this is today's face 12 and I have to say I really enjoy these whimsy girls. They are really become a style for me.

 I still want to do other faces of course and I am patiently waiting for Suzi Blu's new book to arrive. I ordered it just after my birthday and can't wait to sit and absorb all the information and watch the DVD that comes with it. 

So, to all my friends out there who are Mother's, and, even if you are not, if you own a pet, you are a Mother, like myself. Pets count, we nurture them, love them, feed them, clean up after them, make sure they are safe etc


  1. Oh Les... she is positively gorgeous... and adorable... I just want to pinch those sweet little cheeks... and go you... 200 followers... way to go Les... hope you have a beautiful Mother's Day and wonderful weekend...

    Big Hugs
    Jenny x

  2. Oh so sweet! I just love everything about your beautiful painting Les!!!
    Jan x

  3. I love the color palette Les. I love her, she is so sweet. The background is awesome!

  4. gosh im behind with catching up on blog posts..... i love her les and the background:)


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