Monday, May 28, 2012

29Faces Days 27 and 28 and a completion

Hi everyone, the final days are here for the 29 faces challenge.
Wow what a great time and learning experience it has been and best of all you encouraging me to keep going and commenting and challenging me. Thank you everyone
 Remember day 25 I only showed you a portion of the mixed media doll I was doing for one of the prizes of my giveaway? Well here she is...complete and I did NOT do the beeswax....I destroyed 2 pieces today and after all the work I put into them I was miffed and the heat was getting to me, not to mention car trouble ...again... until I am adept at doing the beeswax or figuring what when wrong I am not going to add it for now. 
So either Gail or Wendy will be giving this lovely a new home, how very exciting for me to share this new media in my art adventure....
 This is Day 27, another prize for one of the girls who won my Giveaway. Oh to be Queen for a day......wouldn't it be nice???? I just love her orange hair and she had to have a sparkly crown.....
 Rosie was giving her approval as well. She just wouldn't stay out of the way, even tho she hates looking at the camera other body parts are OK....Click on the pic below to get a good look and see all the wonderful texture and layers of paint peeking out hither and yon. I had to redo the face today. I ruined it trying another method and well lets say I was not in a good mood but I redid this and I like this face much better than the original. I think the key to these faces are layers and layers of Prismacolour pencils and not be afraid to go too dark but you can't rub them hard you have to use a very light touch and hang out in the same place for a while as Suzi says. 

 And this was a real quick sketch on my prepped layered text and gessoed papers. I used acrylics on this and then I have some new Ditto sprays which have a lovely shimmer to them so I sprayed it on, let it drip then I took most of the colour off just to more or less stain the paper. This makes me happy.
Day 28
 And my artistic assistant, Rosie,  dare not look at the camera but is always on the table roaming around. Today she managed to step on my palette and get the purple from the above girl on her paws. Oh well what artist hasn't got paint or something on them....
And tomorrow is the last day of 29 Faces, I may not be able to post as I have a commitment most of the day helping my MIL so I have 2 days of grace to complete the challenge.
Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Oh Les!! They are breathtaking! I just love all three of the little lovelies that you posted today...and to think that one of them will be living here at MY house!!! Ahhhhh, that just makes me so very happy!!! Of course if they pitch a lil hissy fit on you and don't want to be separated, then I will be willing to sacrifice and give all three of them a nice new home together :D I'm SURE I can come up with enough living space for them to be quite comfortable here (heehee). I just keep getting more excited every day that I have to wait for my treasures to arrive!! I'm just about ready to move my comfy chair up next to the mailbox and just reside there until the mailman gets here with them!! :) Can ya tell that I'm excited????? Can ya? huh? huh? can ya???? :D

  2. Oh Les... these girls are ADORABLE... absolutely STUNNING... totally love their gorgeous faces... and the first two... WOW... everything about them sings cute... your third one is just so sweet too... sorry to hear about the beeswax... you know I bought beeswax about a year ago now and it is still sitting patiently waiting for me to use I wonder what happened... if there was not enough pencil wax from the prismacolors on the face... one day soon I have to try it out... this challenge has just been amazing... and your beautiful girls that have emerged over the month have just been amazing... well done Les...

    Jenny x

  3. Rosie is doing a great job! I just love your girls Lesley, they are the sweetest ♥

  4. I have wrecked things with beeswax too, now I just cover everything with a thin layer of multi matt medium, let it dry and then add the wax, the multi matt medium protects your work from the wax brilliantly. I use Claudine Hellmuths multi matt medium so can't comment on other brands.

  5. Nice work, sure has kept you busy! Valerie

  6. Amazing work Les...Love your sweet girlies!...beautiful colours... Gail and Wendy are lucky ladies!!
    Oh, and your artistic assistant is adorable too :)
    Jan x

  7. Oh I love them, they are just beautiful and so cute. I have an artistic assistant too and does she love to paint. I try hard to remember to cover my palette but turn my back and I have beautiful bright pussy prints over my desk and down the hall:o)

  8. Very cute Les, I love the little girl in the purple dress. And Rosie is so cute. She and Maggie would make quite the pair with their painted paws walking all around the house! But Maggie would have to stop to take a drink from my paniting rinse water! That drives me crazy! LOL


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