Sunday, May 20, 2012

29Faces Day 19

This face was a real challenge, I had to do twice. I wrecked the first one  when I applied it to the canvas. I was so mad. Anyways I think I did a better job with the pencil crayons on this one but I still need a lot of practise. I always thought when you used pencil crayons you pressed mediocre for light shades then pressed hard for darker shades, I had a lot to learn. I won colouring contests when I was a kid and boy have times changed. In Suzi's book. Mixed Media Girls, she has a DVD and she tells you if you think you are pressing lightly press even lighter. Well this is what it looks like, like I said, I still have a ways to go with practise but I cannot believe how many layers of colours and the wonderful and soft effects you get using a very light touch.
I made the dress out of scrap paper, I used Delta texture medium on the dress, I shaded a darker pink in paint on the dress as well as on the bodice. I used a paper flower for her hair band and the sweet collar  . The canvas itself is many layers of Turquoise, pink a tad bit of lime green gesso and stencilling. For some reason the pic looks very green here but it is the lighting I think because in my hands it it more gesso and blue tones with pinks popping out here and there. 
Gesso has become my best friend. How did I ever create without gesso? I am going to add some words along the side then beeswax the piece when I have decided what else I need to do. I am getting behind so I had better not waste another  day on this piece. I am quite pleased about it.

Don't forget to sign up for my giveaway. If I get time I may be included a mixed media girl in the prize packages so comment here to be eligible.
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  1. Such a sweetie Les... you can definitely see Suzi's influence on this lovely girl... you have done a wonderful job... and she will be even more beautiful with beeswax... good on you for trying new things...

    Jenny x

  2. i think she's a stunner les....i love gesso...

    the beeswax will add another dimension :)

  3. OMG Les!! I'm a little behind on the blog-hopping...So just catching up here...and I just LOVE LOVE LOVE ALL your faces!!! ..esp this little beauty and party girl Bella. You are soooo Clever!....just adore everything!..Oh, and the altered key swap in a previous post looked like a fabby swap too!
    Jan x

  4. She's absolutely beautiful Lesley!
    Sam ♥

  5. She's absolutely lovely Les!

  6. She is sweet.:) You did a great job!


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