Friday, May 11, 2012

29faces day 10

So sorry I am late posting day 10 but I have been a little busy the last couple days. Spring is happening and well there is lots to do inside and out.
Here is another sketch I did of a larger face. I really learn from each one I do and even tho mouths may be crooked or a pupil larger than the other, I still take it all in stride. No sense on stressing about it, I think it makes you remember we are not all even and straight, we all have our own characteristics so why should a sketch be any different.

Well thank you for dropping by, I am going to post today's face in the next post so stay tuned.


  1. What a sweetie Les... she has a definite glint in her eye... like there is something exciting bubbling away inside... I keep looking at her... and I am sure... at any moment... she is going to give me a does she have a name??

    Jenny x

  2. What a pretty face. I just adore her. Great job.

  3. im loving her wild hair...:)lovely face :)


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