Tuesday, May 1, 2012

29 Faces-Day1

Hello everyone,
Well day one has arrived and I am a little nervous about this 29 Faces challenge. I already can tell that I have to find a better lighting source to display my pencil sketches. Anyways I drew this young girl last night and today I coloured it with coloured pencils to add just a touch of colour.
Her name hasn't come to me yet. I have named a lot of my girls but this one didn't really jump out at me. I will study her some more and if I come up with a name I will surely edit this post and add it.
I just started to sketch in February of this year after seeing my friend Jenny come up with her beautiful mixed media faces in the first 29 Faces Challenge
I always wanted to draw and I knew if I put my mind and hand to it I could do it.
Like all things it takes practise, and a lot of it and helpful criticism.
Well thank you for stopping by, I am on the way to visit the other blogs in this challenge.
I would love to hear you comment.
Take care♥

EDIT: Thanks to Becky this young lady now has a name, Becky said she looks like a Betsy, so Betsy she is.


  1. Very pretty. I share your nervousness. It's courageous to want to draw and DO it! Congratulations on the accomplishment of creating.

  2. Oh Les... she is lovely... and I love the touch of color... I am so looking forward to seeing your faces every day... you are off to a flying start my friend...

    Jenny x

  3. What a fab start to this challenge Les!...love her little button nose and sparkly eyes...will look forward to seeing your faces each day now :) Jan x

  4. Great face, you are off to a really good start! Valerie

  5. Your sketch is beautiful, she has such a pretty face. I look forward to seeing your next sketches.

  6. She's a doll! I love her smiling eyes. :) I named my girls Pennies in the beginning. When I switched my style I called them cotton candy girls. :) It's too much to name each one.

  7. Great job Lesley! She looks like a Betsy to me for some reason!

  8. Love this face, also love your blog


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