Sunday, May 6, 2012

29 Faces-Day5

Today I am posting 2 faces but separately. I have been busy and probably won't get time to do today's face later so here is day 5.......
I am so sorry about the lighting but if I get the sketches in too much light you can't see them and you don't get the true expression. I like this girl but her one pupil is too large and I don't care for her hair but hey, you always try different things in sketching and learn from them. And each one I do is a learning process.
I think her lips are pretty good and her nose is a bit knobby but she looks like she is thinking about something. 
Anyways, a short posty here.
Thanks for dropping by and Day 6 is my next stay tuned.


  1. Lovely Les... I love her eyes... and yes she does have a dreamy look... like she is thinking of something... perhaps she is wondering what the next 50 years will bring... and what magic is in store...

    Jenny x

  2. hey les, yes it always a learning curve but i wouldnt have noticed her pupil til you pointed it out....sometimes we are our own worst enemy :[ i think her lips are fabulous too xx


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