Thursday, May 17, 2012

29faces-Day 17

So now I am on yesterday's face....I drew this the other night as I was thinking of my dear auntie over in England. She has been very ill and I was thinking of an angel to watch over her as she recovers from some recent surgery and her battle with Cancer. 
I really want to paint this angel on a canvas, after getting Suzi's newest book,  I know I can now  attempt those dreamy faces.
So here she is, Angelica...please watch over my Auntie, she is very dear to me.


  1. Angelica is darling Les... she will be beautiful on canvas... and I am sure she will be there to watch over your auntie... and adore your little birdie too... incredibly sweet... Suzi's new book sounds fabulous... can't wait to see what you create from its inspiration....

    Jenny x

  2. so beautiful. i'm sending healing & loving thoughts to your dear auntie.

  3. sending good vibes to your auntie les, lovely little angel and look forward to seeing how you paint it :)

  4. I'm sending positive energy to your aunt. I'm sure Angelica will watch over her. :)


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