Thursday, May 17, 2012

29 Faces-Day16

Well I am a little behind but I am trying to catch up here. 
I was out all afternoon and then had some things to do after supper so here I am.
Remember I told you in my last post I had something a little different for a face?
Well I got my inspiration from this bird that my Mum recently gave me.  I love it and have really been examining it quite a bit. I didn't realize til I had it a day or so that the wings and the tail of this bird are overlapping leaves. Well the bird is made of wood but the artist has really captured a very natural theme here. I just love this bird and it sits inside the house and I look at it a lot every day. Thanks gave me a gift that I love and I drew inspiration from it for this face, even tho it is a bird and not a human, but hey, Martha of Ayala Art said it didn't have to be a human ......

And here is my bird. Again I didn't have time to colour or paint it but I do plan on it in the future when I have more time. I think I would like to do it in watercolour for a soft and dreamy effect.

OK so it isn't exact but I sure enjoyed doing this bird. I think adding colour now that I see the sketch is a must do.
Thanks for dropping by and off to post yesterday's face. 
Egad zooks......I am falling behind....


  1. Loving your beautiful bird and your sketch. x

  2. oh les this beautiful, you have captured it beautiful and yes please paint it...:) love the leaves for wings on the original too :)

  3. Cute little birdie, Les. Your other drawings are nice too. I've been a little behind in blog readings so I missed your recent face posts, just found them and they are great! Keep up the good work.


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