Thursday, October 29, 2009

Serenity Now......

Today was a stressful day to say the least but I managed to do what needed to be done and I can now say that I am ready for the show. As mentionted in my previous post I found out that after reading my paper work for this year's show the inventory was supposed to be in by Monday and not this coming Monday.
After losing some sleep then emailing my hostess, everything was ok and I am to drop off what I can of my stock. So today was a work on things day  anyways, I finished my painting yesterday, good thing, I was going to paint today but, yesterday before this all happened I said no stop and that is enough. You know when your brain says enough???? well it is for a reason.
So I plugged away all day and got everything done. I drilled holes, I hammered hangers on wood, I made tags for my items, I packaged, I priced, I counted I documented. This took me all day. I woke up at 5:30, sat with JB while he got ready for work. I then started my day around 6:30 when he left and it has been pretty much non stop ever since.
I still have 2 more things to package but it won't take long. The car is almost packed.
Phew, what a day. I was really quite stressed and even had a bit of a ugh moment but it all had to be done.
Today the Lord gave me a lot of patience and I am so thankful!

Below are 2 canvases I completed. The Snow fella I designed myself, sort of got a bit of a Monika Brint inspiration but this is all my own drawing and painting with what I had in mind. I quite like it, Big head, small facial features except that nose which I just adore.
Every snowman has to have a snowflake, afterall all those snowflakes make a snowman.
And last but not least another Kim Klassen deSign that I just love.
This is the canvas I mentioned that took me all day to do, mind you I did 2 of them at the same time but it was time to quit painting. It was taking forever for me to complete and enough was enough.

Remember those of us who do this every year, we do it with love and skill.
It takes a lot of time and effort to do our art. Buy handmade either in Canada or America, it is not made in China, but, by someone who sat either at home or in a studio skillfully crafting their wares.
We thank you for your patronage and hope you enjoy your handmade goodies as much as we love making them.


  1. Sorry to hear your day turned out so stressful...UGH.....I feel guilty to say mine went well...I decided to say STOP yesterday....I was up very late last night with all that last minute stuff...I try to tag, inventory and take pictures as I go along....that is sooo time consuming. This AM I loaded my car there is not an inch of space left....I then went to get a pedicure and my nails done.....!!!! My hands are raw from cutting wire, hammering , sanding you now all that fun stuff!!!!! I then even stopped quickly @ the mall and bought a few things for little ole me........!!!!! I have to be at the Trade Center by 8 AM tomorrow...there will be 3 of us setting up....The show starts tomorrow night @ 5 PM and runs through Sunday....I'm glad things turned out OK in the end for you today... hope you sell everything!!!!!!! And YES....thumbs up to handmade!!!

  2. yeah go Handmade!!!!

    good luck Les, glad you got it done, youll be able to post pics.....


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