Saturday, October 17, 2009

Home Sweet Home sign

This has been finished for a day now but just getting to post this.
This is a Kim Klassen design from her eDition series I signed up for.
This is our 3rd week of patterns out of 4 months worth, 16 patterns in total.
I really like how this turned out. I did 2 of them for my upcoming fall show.
I enjoy the prim and worn look .
I have a table of snowmen to paint. I have completed some little tea light holder snowmen, they may be finished by tomorrow.
Well back to the workshop for my fly'n paint.
Till next time....


  1. lovely job Les! i love seeing your finished pieces!
    thanks again for sharing, kim

  2. Wow that was fast Kim. I just posted this.
    :) you are quick. he he

  3. Hey was wondering what you were up to today.....I like it!!! I'm working on another snowman fireplace screen like in my blog header for the show.......I'm covered in paint......don't know why I took a break yesterday to go get my nails done..they are now every color of the rainbow!!LOL!
    Happy painting!

  4. Why thank you my paintin' friends.

  5. Oh what a great job! Love the way that turned out!

  6. Lesley - its gorgeous - do you sell them - poke poke!


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