Thursday, October 29, 2009

Oh Oh I am late

Yikes, last night before I went to bed I was checking out my paperwork for the Open House I submit to every year and found out my inventory was supposed to be in on Monday the 26th. OH NO, I am so late.
I have emailed the hostess Evelyn and hopefully we can work something out. I have so much left to do, putting little things together, pricing, tags, packaging. I sure could use some help but oh well I got my dates mixed up and have to deal with it. I sure hope Saturday I can take all this. If not I have boxes of things to hold on to til next year I guess. I have never done this before, mixing up dates. I had the end of the month in my head so I really need to be humble now.
Yesterday I finished up 2 Kim Klassen canvasses which took me all day for some reason to finish. Maybe a sign I had enough of painting, been going at it prettty steady.
Well if you don't hear from me in a day or so you know I am stil plugging away.
Oh it's hard to be I dating myself with that song??? yikes

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