Thursday, October 8, 2009

Busy brushes

Well here is what I have been up to...the paint is flying, brushes are busy and things are starting to look a little more like I have some stock.
These jars (sorry the pic is blurry) are for my mini trees and lights. These are a great way to recycle jars and  a nice little edition to your Christmas decor. Great for small spaces or the office!

In just the last 2 days I have been painting ornaments. Sometimes they go quick other years people are looking for other items. Last year I didn't do as many ornaments so I decided I had better do some this year. I still have to put hangers on these and give them some sealer but I always have fun with my ornies.

And finally my ginger shelf sitters from the Ornament Q&E magazine. They are supposed to have a crackle medium on them but my medium is too fine a crackle to use so I might just leave them as is. I thought these would be too detaily but they really aren't.  I am really starting to get in the holiday mood and we haven't even had Thanksgiving yet.
Well off to the kitchen studio and see what else I can come up with.
Or....maybe I will take a break and finish a birthday present that is long overdue overseas. Yes I think that is a better idea and take a break from the painting.
Later all.


  1. I so love all your pics. Your items are wonderful. You are a great painter. Prim darling. I really like the ornaments and gingerbread sitters.

  2. Hi Pammy Jo, thanks for stopping by and commenting. I so want to play with paper but the brushes and wood are calling my name.
    I see you have been busy as well. keep it up Primgirl.

  3. Gorgeous stuff! Wish I had that much talent! And I love your new background!

  4. les... wow!!! makes me wanna paint some ornies... awesome!!


  5. Hi Lesley,
    Thanks for stopping bye....yes you've been busy. Love.....everything! The jars are great with the trees!!! One year I painted small medicine bottles for! Love the ornaments..Kim Klassen????And I REALLY love the gingers....did you cut them or buy them??? You asked me if I've painted on bread but sounds like a good idea!!! You can e-mail me at :

    When is your show? Mine is Oct 31-Nov1

    happy painting !

  6. OMG Les, you are so talented!
    Just love those jars and ornies!
    ...and those Ginger shelf sitters are awesome!!

  7. Wow! You've been really busy Les. Fantastic job on everything.

  8. Thank you all my dear friends, without your encouragement I don't know how I could keep doing this.

  9. Lesley - these are just so gorgeous - I love this Americana folk art type stuff - do you sell them? Would you ship to the UK??????

  10. These look really nice. I'd rather see a little clear glitter on them rather than crackle just because I make ginger cookies with sugar on them. They look nice plain though. I guess the crackle is to age them?

  11. What a busy bee you have been Les. It must be great fun to be able to paint like that, kinda pretty much on anything. Ornaments are my fav and framed painting is lovely.


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