Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Inchies have a mind of their own

Over at InchybyInch our Guest designer this week is Ali Manning from the UK. Ali's theme this week is Time.  Well I had an idea and mulled it over in my mind and even thought about it during waking moments last night. This morning I embarked on a process that I thought was going to be simple, quick and just the way I imagined. Ok...simple, well read on.....
I first wanted a layered look with the clock behind the girls, so I took a piece of freezer wrap paper and proceeded to get my image ready and do an image transfer. Thinking I would stamp the clock then rub the image off the freezer paper (shiny side) over top of the clock. Well the image was too faint. Ok, darken the image a bit then go with that. Still not right...also I didn't mention the little piece of freezer paper jammed my printer. Hmmmm.... ok cut a piece larger of FP and then attach it to a piece of sturdy cardstock, works for me....ok now I am ready....well did that, still too faint for the purpose I wanted. Get out transparency paper....that will work....put that in the printer.....did I tell you this might take a better grab a coffee or even lunch....LOL   So now I have stamped a Tim Holtz Fired brick nice red clock on paper and I am about to put my transparency over the clock....working fine, I lift the image then all of a sudden I have red ink on my faces....argh.....print off another transparency...good thing it was only 2 inchies by 2 inches....Well then I print it off again, this time decided I will do a black and white theme with this, stamped the clock in black put the image over after I heat set the ink...dahhh. Then things are looking really good. I put all layers together, get the 1 inch punch out to punch out inchies and the punch jams....argh, I am now convinced they made this time challenge to challenge my patience or lack there of....ok but me being stubborn and not going to let this little project beat me....I threw the punch on the floor, scared the cat, then I was able to loosen the paper and start all over again. Printing, stamping, this time I decided to glue the backs which are just supportive paper for your inchies  then cut around the squares with my scissor....Ok this is nice... going as planned. I get out my black cardstock, do some distress transfers and get it all done and the top right corner of my corner transfer is opposite to the left one...argh, at this point I said ok, this is art, I am leaving it. Any other time I would re do it but no this is staying as is.....I put it all together and I sure hope next time if there is one I won't let 12 rounds of inchie madness get the better of me.
Well right now painting doesn't look so bad so off to get the paint flying again. Oh and I forgot to mention and you can't see it here but the little girl on the right has a tiny red pimple...more red ink from somehwhere...ahhhhhh it's finally over. I am beat.
Thanks for looking.


  1. Oh my Les, so glad you stuck with it, fascinating, luv it. Had to visit blog to see how you did that, fascinating story there too. hugs, LinLin

  2. Love your inchies! They are beautiful :)

  3. Oh, Les, you do make me smile with your posts!
    Glad you stuck with it because your inches are lovely!
    Smifferoo x

  4. better stick to painting bread pans and filling them.....!!!! Thanks for visiting today!!!!

  5. love your story , somedays are just not meant to be, but i keep perservering too....

  6. Thank you girls, I am way to stubborn to give up or give in sometimes. Not sure is that a good or bad thing? who knows for sure?

  7. All's well that ends well! The story was funny at this end but I guess that's because I've had projects go like that before too. Stubborness is definitely what gets you through a time like this. They look great in the picture and I don't see any red pimple!


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