Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Someone has been playng with paper...

I know I have been absent for a few days. Been kind of taking it easy, got Hallowe'en over with, a total of 3 kids. Not to mention the one I live with every day, for a grown man he sure keeps me entertained.
I have been cleaning up a bit and putting things away from painting, but, not too far, just needed to put some books back in storage for next year etc.

These are some things I have been working on.
It has been forever it seems since I did a trade over on the ATC for beginners board and I was ready to dive in.
This card below was a tricky one to say the least.
I cut an ornament shape out of mylar, plastic sheeting they sell to make your own stencils. I layed the stencil down then stamped into it with my face inked up, then I took the middle part of the stencil that was cut out from the sheet and used it as a mask, covered the face and stamped the flourishes all around the back ground. The face was inked with Tea Stain distress ink.
The flourishes were stamped with a Jumbo Java Tsuenko ink pad then I added chunky distress stickes to it.
I cut a small flower using a punch, and a gold piece for the top of the ornament.
It was a fun project but I tried to repeat it several times and just did not come out the same, good thing this one did. I promptly put it up for trade on the ATC for beginners board. See if I can tempt any traders there.

The next 2 cards below are done with masking taper layered upon layer on Card stock then you scribble oil pastels over the tape and start blending. My friend Jen explains how she did it and when I was done painting I had to try it. I am not a huge fan of hallowe'en so I decided to call this full moon as I noticed last night we are currently experiencing a full moon.
The pin in her hair just happened....I was moving things around on my table and I looked down and the pin was in her hair and I said, I like that. A bit of my bizarre nature coming out but it just seemed to fit.
The crow with his crown is sitting observing the state of the evening.

This same background I have applied to this card called " Inferno" because of it't red background. Before I applied the gel medium to the background I scribbled the swirls in with the tip of a pen. One thing about pastels if you don't like your design just smudge over it and try again.
I also used a blue pastel to smudge around the image to make it look like a shadow cast behind it.
I rather like this card.....I didn't really want to add to much more to it. I love the texture feel to it.
Thanks Jen for sharing this with me.

And last but not least or my Addicted to Inchies, November challenge, the bubble technique.
My friend Jan in the UK has a quick tut on her blog and you can find it here.
Since we had no set theme I just stamped a few different things. We haven't seen any snow as of yet here in Ontario but it will come soon enough.
Well until next time, thanks for dropping in and stay tuned for some more arty creations by me.


  1. Totally love the inchies!!! Awesome!

  2. Good to see you back at the paper Les! ;)
    Have missed seeing your atc's & inchies!!
    Love your new creations! :)
    ..and you did a great job with those bubble background inchies, Love those lil' snow men!

    Smifferoo x

  3. Lesley's Baaaack......

    great inchies too jenxo


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