Sunday, November 15, 2009

For every door that closes...

a window opens. This I believe to be true, this weekend I found out that the craft show that I submit to which is an open house concept has done it's last show. I found this out via email and was a little surprised but then again the hostess and her family and business partner have been doing this show for over 20 years.
So today I went to a local craft show which was small in nature but is close to a lot of craft shows going on in the area. I stopped in to take a look around and also to see the inside of this incredible house. It used to be an old stone school house and I was in total awe of it.
Anyways, to make a rather long story shorter, I met the woman who was kind enough to talk to me about the set up of her show and I submitted my name so that I hopefully can be a participant next year. I have left my blog addy with her also so perhaps after viewing some of my artwork here I will be a lucky girl. We can only hope and pray. :)
And....I picked up my inventory after 4pm today at the Victorian Splendor craft show and sale and I was pleasantly suprised at how little I had left over. I always do quite well but this year I didn't get started til after my hand surgery and just my lack of enthusiasm at the time and I had 2 small boxes of items left. So I was quite pleased. Now I just have to wait for my cheque, then, I have a new book I would like to purchase, afterall all that work and I deserve a little something, then Christmas shopping begins.
For all of you who have cheered me on and commented on my artwork, thanks so much, I really do appreciate all your kindness, it makes it all worth while.

And.....I was away Friday and part of Saturday to my girlfriend whom I became really great friends with when I worked at medical laboratory years ago. We have been great friends and are like minded, we share so much she is more like a sister than a friend. Anyways we did a little craft and I will be showing them another post but we did some altered notepads for either your purse or just a nice little stocking stuffer or even give to a teacher. They are just those ringed notebooks with lined pages, great for shopping or grocery lists etc.
It was fun but it sure was a whirlwind of a trip. A good time was had by all.


  1. I'm so glad you did well, but not surprised, your items are darling. You will be in the new show, after she sees your stuff, she will want you to participate for sure. Yeah!!

  2. Yeh, Lesley,
    It's no surprise that your show went are an awesome artist! I'm sure once the woman sees your work you will be painting for a new show next year. I'm busy painting for the shop's Christmas open house....take care,

  3. whoopeee! hope that cheque arrives soon!!!

    hope you get in to the new venue too.... jenxo


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