Friday, November 20, 2009

Spouting off.....

Well it was time for some new tires on my Monte Carlos and I shopped around for a deal. Well the deal was good but let me tell you I was not impressed with how long I had to wait to have them put on. I thought when I called and the guy asked me " what time are you coming" that signaled to me that I was making an appt so that when I came I would be taken at that time...would you not think???? I said to him I will be there for 11am (this was yesterday I called) and I was there but 11 am this morning.....well lets just say when I arrived it looked a bit busy but I got there and gave my info at the desk and the gentleman said it will be done by 1pm. So now I am stranded but good thing there was a store attached, (not going to mention the name of the store here but every city has one and this was a Superstore and it starts with W and endd in a T...) Ok you got it I am sure. So I wander around, then I go to another little plaza close by, come back my car is still on the hoist, I asked for a lube, oil and filter as well, so that is only a 15 minute job or so....At 2pm my car is just having it's tires put on. The old tires are just being removed.....are you kidding me???? how can that be.....I was not impressed and even tho the 4 tires were a good price and all season radials I was getting a little hot under the collar but I kept my cool. I didn't even ask what the problem was.....I just shook my head a few times, even called JB at work to let him know what was going on, JB said that 4 tires should only take about an hour, with balancing etc. The guy at the desk finally called my name and said to me to return to have the tires checked after 50km. I said well do I need to make an appt, because I don't want to wait 3 hours again just to have that done...oh no , in fact I can do that myself and you wont' have to wait. We are very sorry. Ok almost 400.00 don't think I will be going back there again.
It would be ok if I had someone to drop me off and then I could get a ride back with someone but that wasn't happening, JB works arcross town and does deliveries etc so that just wasn't going to be possible.
Anyways that is my ramble for the day. I kept my cool but sorry W----Mart, you won't be getting my business again.

On a better note I will be posting my notebooks I altered after my batteries get charged up. This was a very inexpensive little project, a quick gift or great stocking stuffer idea. Some of these I even made special for some family members in the UK. Stay tuned for my next paper idea.

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  1. Walmart used to have a great warranty on their tires but it's not good anymore either. We've actually found better deals elsewhere too. Walmart is definitely not big on good service. We order online and pick up at the store since that is free shipping for most items. They never have anyone ready to help you at the pick-up desk. Never! It's the only store we have really where I live so I deal with it.

    I'd love to see your notebooks! Will be back to see if they've been posted.


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