Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Inkjet transfers and what does Stodgy mean?

Ok first things first, I have heard somewhere either BBC or someone English use the term "Stodgy". I would like to know what that means...does it mean you feel stodgy, or something is stodgy and exactly how do you use this term. I have had this in my head for days now and want to know what it means. If you can help please leave me a comment because I like it and I want to know what it means.

2ndly.... today I tried for a couple of hours trying to do image transfers using the Bernie Berlin techniques in her ATC Workshop book. So far no luck. I used wet paper then tried to burnish the image with no luck at all.
Then I tried using gel medium and it stuck to my paper when I tried to remove the photo paper, so not only  did I waste material time and effort and much frustration. If you have any luck or can tell me how you do inkjet transfers please let me know.
I did however do a transfer using freezer paper attached to a sturdy piece of cardstock and then burnished the image onto some flat (not textured) paper. It seemed to work the best although I think the darker your image the better luck you will have. I have done the tape transfers but I am wanting the  aged look that this technique achieves. Well so far it hasn't and I need to know why and how to do it successfully.
I would appreciate anyone that could take a moment or two to explain it to me. I have researched it to death and perhaps it is the gel medium I am using. I put it on thick, I put it on thin but it wanted to act like a glue and stick to my paper. ugh....
I decided to turn my thoughts to painting so I did that instead after much frustration.
Til next time....


  1. Hah, stodgy, such a good solid word!!!

    –adjective, stodg⋅i⋅er, stodg⋅i⋅est. 1. heavy, dull, or uninteresting; tediously commonplace; boring: a stodgy Victorian novel.
    2. of a thick, semisolid consistency; heavy, as food.
    3. stocky; thick-set.
    4. old-fashioned; unduly formal and traditional: a stodgy old gentleman.
    5. dull; graceless; inelegant: a stodgy business suit.

    i often feel a bit stodgy when i have too much pud!!!

    well i can never get them to work but are you getting glue on the top after you gel it down?
    ive heard 'sheer heaven' works brilliantly too...

  2. I hope I am never called stodgy after reading post from Jen...hehe. Nah, I have not had any good outcomes either Les and have tried many variations. Maybe youtube has something.


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