Friday, August 14, 2009

Too sticky to paint

I don't have any pictures today, just some ramblings on what I have been up to.
The garden is keeping us busy, I have put down 7 jars of beets and still more coming. My tomatoes are just starting to turn a yellowy colour, once they come in we are going to have tons, and I mean tons. Beans have been really yummy, we had a discussion the other night as to why someone whom we won't name, I call him JB, said I had more beans on my plate than he did, but, hey, I love them, I want them and too bad so sad. We have been eating the beet tops almost every other night so now and again I need my beans. I didn't know there was dibs on them.
Today was too hot and sticky to paint, I really need to get in gear but now summer decided to arrive and man the humidity is very high. So today I wanted to get my inchies done for a swap I am in by the end of the month, a few more to be completed then Time and My Country will be complete. Pictures to follow.
I am having some sugery on my left ring finger the end of August , I can still do some things. I have had this procedure many times now, I think I have only 3 fingers left after this one. I have had trigger fingers for years and when they come on they come, the triggering really hurts and especially when you want to straighten it, that is owie, so I will be glad to get that over with then I can move on and not worry about if I am going to bend it and it lock. Oh well could be worse.
The whole procedure takes about 15 minutes, on and off the table in no time. Some freezing, a little conversation with the doc as he is doing it then a few stitches, some bandage and off I go. Last time I cam home and actually started to paint something, and it was my right thumb I just had operated on. Amazing how we can adapt if we put our minds to it. I have adapted all my life to things and it just comes as second nature to me. I guess a gift I was blessed with.

I had a couple of my paint friends call me this week, Becky and Kathy. Always nice to hear their familiar voices, we have nice chats and keep up to date on each other. Again a true blessing is having wonderful and thoughtful friends. What would I do without them???and my Mum, she is such a wonderful woman. Mumsy was shopping today and found something for me, she had a lady try on a jacket for her as we conversed over it on the phone. Mumsy loves to spoil me, I am spoiled too much tho. I am so grateful we were reunited, you have no idea. That was a definite gift from God. He did answer my prayers, and, I said a lot of them.

Well here's hoping that the weekend is going to be nice. I get my hair coloured tomorrow. Got it cut a week and half ago and found out if I get a colour then I can have a cut included so since I was going to have her colour it, we did it backwards, I got the cut first and tomorrow I am going dark brown. I can't wait to get rid of my gray. Too much makes Lesley grumpy.
So have a good one my dear blogger friends.
Happy creating and enjoy one another.


  1. nice newsy post Les, hope your op goes ok, glad to hear you dont hve to be knocked out!

    Im in the same boat with my greys, going to have to give in to it at sometime, but not yet ;)....jenxo

  2. About those beans. Try this dressing for them 3 tbsps Dijon; 3 tbsp honey; juice one lemon; 3 tbsps white wine vinegar;1/2 cup mild olive oil; 1/2 cp fresh dill chopped; s & p to taste; I do this as a salad; cook beans until crunchy; dump into ice water to stop cooking;
    drain and dry well; toss with dressing; you won't need all the dressing. This is good on hot and cold beans. Enoy!


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