Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Countdown is on

Hi friends, well today was spent running around, getting groceries, posting mail, doing some things around the house prior to tomorrow's surgery.
I am having for the 7th time, surgery for trigger finger. I am beginning to be a pro at this. Trying to be more prepared than past times, making sure all things are caught up.
JB has tomorrow off so he can drive me to the hospital, run some errands then come back and pick me up.
Think I will do a bit of self medicating before I go, once the freezing comes out it won't be too bad, usually more stiff and swollen than anything but always good to have some meds in you to keep on top of things.
So for now I am probably not going to be able to type very much or for very long. Did you know that you do the most of your typing with your left hand???
Well take care everyone, I hope to be back at it soon but til then, God bless you all for visiting my sight and leaving lovely comments.


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