Thursday, August 6, 2009

A little folk art

If you read my intro I am a folk art/decorative painter and this time of year I get busy, well, try to anyways. I am lucky enough to be able to submit some of my items in a fall show and I make a little Christmas money. Here is a flour sifter I bought at a place and I have painted a Terrye French design on it. The pic below this one will show a rotated version of it. I still have to wrap some homespun ribbon around the handle part, the little knob I cleaned up and then left green as it looks so well with the colour scheme.

And a little aluminum pot I painted black and the top I was shown how to do checkerboard from my good friend Cathy over at with some stars. The little signs are based on a Sue Allemand design and I made them just small enough to hang on a wall or hang off a little knob or doorhandle.

I have painted on so many surfaces over the years, soap, glass, canvas, mostly wood, tea pots, etc. Recycling is a great way to make something old look new again. So look around and that old coffee pot, don't throw it away, keep it or ask someone like me to paint it. You never know what it will end up looking like.
Have a wondeful day.


  1. Very nice! Love your painting. Your pieces are great!

  2. nice painting and recycling Les..jenxo

  3. Love your painting Les, you are so talented :)
    Jan x


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