Saturday, August 22, 2009

A busy week

Boy am I beat, oh I inserted the wrong pic, LOL.
This has been some hectic week getting ready before my hand surgery I was able to pickle more beets, get some swaps done that I was committed to, my yearly eye check up, hair coloured finally, painting for my show and all the other stuff we need to do on a daily basis.

This is Rosie who decided this week that she would have a nap after a bath at the far end of the dining room table. She came to visit me at the other end and usually looks to see if her favourite mop brush is around and then decided it wasn't so I will go have a nap. What can one say when your cat rules your house? We rarely eat at the table and I can tell you Rosie has been here more than once, not to mention the kitchen window above the sink....oh yeah we know about that too Rosie. =^..^= Anyways as you can see by the size of her she is well fed and well looked after, we adopted her after she was rescued and was a poor messed up 7 month old cat but we have had her almost 7 years now so she has come a long way.

And here is a very small harvest I picked just before supper this evening. Beets to eat, tomatoes are just coming on. Remember one of my first posts I showed you those yellow pears, well they don't get much bigger than the pic I showed you but man they are wonderful in flavour.
So as you can see and read I have been busy.

I also had a pic of some painted items to show you but I didn't like the end result of the picture quality so I will have to do a retake. I have to work on my photography skills. They are a bit to be desired at the best of times. Oh well I thought you just had to look and click....shouldn't the camera do the rest? focus itself, correct background stuff and all that? surely they have a camera for idiots like me?
Well stay tuned for more artsy fartsy stuff, I hope tomorrow I can take a better pic of painted items and my finished matchbox inchie swaps.


  1. Hey Les, glad all is ok in your part of the world... loverly moggie you have there, she sure looks content... jenxo

  2. Rosie is a real cutie! Your veggies look great. I'm a big beet fan!

  3. Awww what a Cute Contented Kitty :)
    There is nothing wrong with your photography skills Les, you always take Fab pics!!!


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