Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Special Happy Birthday

to Thom, a very special person in my life. As you can see I still have the card but it will be in the post soon. A bit late making this card and sending but sometimes making a card for someone takes great thought, I like to try to make one that is personal and appealing to the right individual. So this is hot off the press! last night. the inside has a smaller piece of paper with a birthday greeting and a smaller bird perched on top of the paper.
So Happy Birthday Thom , have a super day.


  1. Thanks Les, I will wait for your creative genius.
    We have arrived in GB to cooler weather. We have done absolutely nothing so far today. We are off to the beach to check it out. It's quite windy so the waves will be big. We will talk with you soon.
    You are pretty special lady yourself. Love Thom


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