Saturday, August 29, 2009

Post surgical update

Hi everyone,
well things went well as well as a finger op goes. Seems my left ring finger had a bit more damage than other fingers, Dr. seemed to be fiddling more with it than the others. 2 weeks and the stitches come out. I took the tensor bandage off, it was wrapped too tight and caused some redness and itching that was driving me crazy, so Dr. JB and myself took it off and Dr. JB taped me up here and there. Now I can acutally type with my fingers a bit more exposed.
I just wanted to thank my friends who commented and those that called me, you know who you are, to check up on me.
I have been trying not to be too hyper but when you are used to doing something all the time, now you have to adapt or do things differently till the bandages and stitches come out , it's hard to sit still. I seem to pace a lot, I might wear a groove in the floor here. LOL
I have taken next to no medication as I hardly feel anything, perhaps the pain I was feeling before was far worse than the actual release of the tendon.
Well that is enough typing for now.
Take care all and again, thank you for your thoughts, prayers and friendship.


  1. Now I know why Uncle Laurie and I couldn't reach you. Your line as he would say "engaged". I told him you were more than likely on the computer.
    I will call you later. Luv Luv

  2. I'm so glad you're getting along so well!

  3. Super, I hope things continue to go well. :O) Have a great week.


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