Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What a week or two

Well most of you know why I was not around online, my computer decided to suddenly end it's electronic life and of course with little back up means I had to bite the bullet and get a new system. I tried to use my old Windows 98 system but of course the browser was older and many of my groups and sites I wanted to visit would not support them.
I am finally back up and running and trying to get used to my new system, getting contacts back into my address book, I lost all my favourite sites, hopefully I will be able to retrieve some momentos pics off my old hard drive before it meets it's eternal end.
On the weekend we needed to clean our front window, now this job would normally take less than 2 hours. Since I can't reach up to things I volunteered to clean the panes when JB took them apart while he cleaned the panes that were mounted on the window. So a job that was only to take a couple hours like I said ended up being a 5 plus hour job. An old house doesn't mean everything goes back where it is supposed to. With nerves fried and a husband who was holding his temper in check and I mean really holding it, I could see he was about to blow like a volcano, we did finally get it back in place.
Ok that was a job much needed doing and we now can see out the window.
Sunday we go out and do a bit of shopping, we wanted to have a little bistro set on our deck we put on the side of the house last summer. We already had the umbrella
but we wanted to get a nice little cafe style set. Ok we find the set, bring it home, start putting it together and between the threat of rain we managed to get it all done and JB sits in his chair and there is a crack in the back part of the chair, in the metal of all places. So temper in check he held up pretty good.
I said I would take the chair back to the store and see if we could just exchange the chair. Well that all worked out fine.
Monday, Lesley goes for her yearly mammogram and ultrasound and what should have been maybe an hour, my appt was at 10 am and I didn't get in till well after 10:30, then the ultrasound tech was taking forever to do her thing and I wasn't finished until 12:30. Something wrong with that picture.
Plus shopping for a computer only to find out my existing flat screen monitor decided to die as well so back to the computer store to get my new monitor plus take back my new hard drive to have them look to see why I couldn't connect online.
Then to my surprise I am all hooked up finally and Lesley is a happy camper.
My brother is doing relatively well.
What a couple of weeks.
Did I get much accomplished you ask with all this down time? well I did play a bit with Shrinky Dink plastic, made a couple ATC's but with no means to print or get graphics was really trying my nerves.
With hand surgery looming the end of August I must try to get in the painting groove ahead of time for my fall show that I do every November. I sure hope I get my butt in gear here soon or it may not happen. I do work under pressure but not to the point of late night hours.
To those of you who kept in touch via phone and the odd possible email I thank you, you know who you are.
Well I yammered on enough.

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  1. Glad to see you back online Les :)
    Have missed ya!!
    Smifferoo x


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