Monday, July 27, 2009

A big surprise...

Ok there is a little story I have to tell you about this " little surprise" that JB springs on me over a week ago Sunday. We are at Lowe's and shopping for a few things and out of the blue he says " there is a suprise for you next Saturday". Hmmm my birthday is over, it's summer time, is someone coming? I have to clean the house top to bottom??? is his mom taking me for my late birthday dinner that she suggested a few weeks ago?? So thinking it was the dinner I said oh I know what it's the fish and chip dinner your mom wants to take me for since she couldn't think what to do for my birthday. (I am a very picky person when it comes to fish, so if it is lightly battered not too greasy then I can handle it, but to eat fish that tastes really fishy?? forget it. Anyways so I had myself convinced even up to Saturday that we were going for lunch at Kelsey's. We live in the country so we go the usual way into town, even right up to the traffic lights in town to but we are in the wrong turning I said hmmm so are we going to the Boathouse (our favourite F&Cplace). So JB turns into the parking lot of a supermarket and he says what is going on over there? Hmmm I look left and I see a bunch of balloons, some people walking around, the radio station is there...then I see some Pittsburgh Penguin t-shirts.
Well I still do not know what is going on....then we get out of the truck and I walk with him towards this covered area but roped off and it is the .......STANLEY CUP....
One of the players..Matt Cook is from Stirling Ontario, north of Belleville and it was his turn to have the as a charity function he brought the cup to Belleville and was signing a photo of himself and autographed for 5.00 and all the money was going towards his charity that he sponsors. Anyways I am a true Leaf fan but hey I have never seen the cup, we did not line up to see it up close for photos. JB got a shot of me and I the same for him but behind the ropes. I did get close enough to see the names on the cup but it was tightly secured. The line up was very long and it was going to be hours before you would get close to it...the sun was beating down and I was needing food.
Anways this is the actual Stanley cup that is raised by the players on the ice. I may never see it in real life again unless I see the real one at the Hockey Hall of Fame. This was truly a great surprise. JB is such a sweet guy. :) xo
That's me in the back with the glasses, heads were getting in the way and well you had to dodge to get yourself in the pic, but it was fun.


  1. very cool.. to actually get that close.. wow.. great pic...

  2. Go Pens! Glad you got to see it! What a thoughtful guy that John is!



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